Essence Music Festival

Today I spoke with Essence Magazine Executive Producer of Video. We went over my next week schedule. We are shooting video that will air on TV ONE for Essence Music Festival TV SHOW. The host Nana will be covering historical locations in New Orleans.

While they are in town we will also try to fit in another assignment on Tuesday. I will get my confirmation on tomorrow about that one.

We also discussed my schedule for Essence Music Festival. She wanted to know if I was able to fit in Nana the host. She would need makeup twice a day as well. Because, I don’t have my schedule from the editors I don’t know what times and who I will be working on as of yet. But if my schedule is like last year I was up every morning at 3am.

I have another client that booked me last year that wants me again this year. I also have Donna Joyner who I have bonded with, she’s awesome. So, I don’t know how my schedule is going to go but I know I will be completely booked by June.

I have to try to organize a casting call for Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist soon, cuz I will have to run a security clearance on the makeup artist and hair stylist that I have to assist me. They want me to have assistance to help with set up, prepping, touch ups, packing, just holding me down so I can get to the next location. Last year, Makeup Artist Andrea Walker “Makeup By Andrea” located in Houston was who I hire to help with B.E.T. Television at the convention center and at the dome. I also had her prep and start on some bridesmaids at a wedding for me.


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  1. i know your there for me and i know you will not try to outshine and be a groupie. will keep you posted. will try to post the casting call for makeup artists and hairstylist this week. the client wants more input this year and that’s fine i just dont want them to wait until the last minute.

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