PHOTOS: Sneak Peeks, Cool Makeup

As you saw earlier I got my hair styled by the most FAB hairstylist…my son Jordan Armani. I have two photo shoots today. One with my bride Amy from out of town. Oh gosh, she was awesome and a pleasure to work with. She’s a gorgeous girl, so I gave her a Cali babe look. That’s what she looked like when I was done enhancing her.

My second shoot was from 4:00-10:30pm by Fred new studio. Fred and I have also have a great working relationship, we joke around a lot on set. I met Fred at my first makeup studio and we have worked together for a long time. He has also taken pics of the kids when they use to model. So, he’s another extension to the family. Fred, genuine has love for me and he’s loyal to me I never have to worry about Fred using me to only better his career. Still to this day Fred is mad at this one person who clled me “GIRL”, I love him for that and he’s awesome.

Miss Sassy and Shaun was the model for this shoot. I think it went well. It’s always great working with my BFF. Sometimes, it don’t feel like I am working. It’s like playing when MISS Sassy is on set with me. My baby girl Envy is really starting to get into hanging out at photo shoots and helping out. I am so glad to have her around. She is really good with directing on set, taking pics and just being a great assistant. Everybody tells me all the time that the reason why I can’t keep an assistnat is because Envy will be the chosen one once she gets of age. Maybe, a career in the fashion industry after all.

Check out some of the pics that Envy took. It was a long night, Miss Sassy and Envy started getting tired at the end. Envy joked to her dad that she got fired about 7 times that night. At the end Miss Sassy said no more. She was the one who called “IT’S A WRAP”. I think Fred managed to get some great shot and I got some great makeup looks. I love that Miss Sassy looks nothing like herself on some of the pics. I love that I can just paint her face wit heavy makeup and she rocks it well.

Shaun did much better and gave great face this time around. I sent him little text with modeling tips. I gave him tear sheets and he listened. He’s a good kid and I hope he makes it cuz he has a great body and as Envy said, he has a model look.

Oh, Miss Sassy gave me a hard time about what I said about the plus size statement. But it’s just like when this one person was complaining and complaining about her weight and not able to find clothes at stores anymore cuz she gained so much weight. But she eats like 3 or 4 times a day at Chef Leon restaurant. So she tells me she could not go out cuz she could not find any stores to shop at. So, I said, why don’t you shop at Lane Bryant that have cute stuff. LMAO, after I said it, right. She hangs up on me. Still LMAO, cuz it was funny. But guess what she stopped complaining about her weight. So, I told Miss Sassy stop complaining, she’s HOT as is and she don’t have to lose any weight.

Well enjoy the pics…let me know what you think…

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  1. Thanks, it was a fun shoot cnt wait to see the pics in POSH Magazine. Yes, Miss Sassy is…she has a great face she one’s of those girls that can rock any makeup look soft to heavy.

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