Saturday Bride

Here is a little glimpse of my Saturday bride Paula and her now HUSBAND Kristopher wedding. Paula hired me to stay with her all day so I ended my evening around 10pm. Robin, my BFF Wedding planner son Seth brought me back to the mansion. It was a great wedding, love the decor and the dinner menu was very nice. Can you believe I didn’t eat dessert…my cocktail dessert of choice was the sweet lemonade. I was able to capture a small video of the couple as they came out of the ceremony…A popular New Orleans wedding way to start your marriage.

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3 Replies to “Saturday Bride”

  1. Paula was such a pretty bride love her long dreads. Her husband cut all of his off. They were a great couple very neo-soul. Robin, Seth's mom has her hand full with that one. The entire time when we were eating dinner his cell was blowing up. Since he sat next to me I teased him the entire time.

  2. i love dreads i find them beautiful.
    I admire your work so much, your great inspiration to someone like me starting off.

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