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I got a call this morning at 7:52 am, and I jumped up thinking my bride was calling me because I wasn’t at the hotel. You know that maybe I over slept or something. But it was a new bride calling to book me after seeing an article on me in this month Gambit Weekly L’Image Wedding Insert. I was so exhausted that all I can hear was an exciting young girl on the other end who was just going on and on. I was just relived that it wasn’t my bride calling me saying I was a no show. That is something that scare me all the time that one day I am going to be so tired that I will over sleep and not show up to one of my brides wedding.

So of course, I roll over and pull up the Gambit page (laptop next to my side of the bed)and sure enough there’s a picture of me and an interview I did with them some time ago on page 22 and 23. Because, it’s been a minute I completely forgot all about it and my publicist has not called me to tell me anything. I guess she was not informed either.

What a great way to start my SATURDAY…Thanks Gambit for featuring me in L’Image…I love you guys. Off to my bride Scarlet Pollard at the Lowes Hotel.

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  1. congrats!!!

    i never sleep well friday nights when i have an early morning call bc i am always afraid of oversleeping!!! plus i always pack my car the night before just in case i am running behind so all i have to do is jump in the car and go!!

  2. If its an early call time I can't sleep so I just relax my body in take my B5 and drink lots of red bull. Once on set I am good. I pack my bags at night as well so I don't forget anything.

  3. I did this event and interview last October so this is why I forgot about it, Shortiee. But it's always good to see self in the paper πŸ™‚

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