Have to pass on BEYONCE TOUR this year

Just had to pass on the Beyonce Tour this year. The dates they gave me I am all booked up for. I was looking forward to going back on the road with with SASHA FIERCE. That’s ok, I have my own SASHA FIERCE (MISS SASSY). Hopefully, when the tour comes to NOLA I will get to see some of my peeps who I tour with. I don’t think I have ever partied with them here in New Orleans.


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  1. I know right…how many people would pass but I am booked. This is why I am trying to get the casting together so I can have someone to represent when not able to do it. Gotta get them cleared first.

  2. Because you were selected last year I am sure everything will be good with you. Plus there are so many new stuff coming up. I have someone dealing with the casting, right. Why are people sending pics in bathing suits, complaining that shouldnt have to do an application, or a background check. Sending links to go to their facebook page, all kind on nonsense. Anicio is deleting those because if they cant follow simple instructions then how can they be responsible to do read the call sheets, maybe get on a plane, work on set, go to a celeb home, etc… Please resend your stuff and I pray we can get 1 more good person.

  3. omg! im sitting over here stressing over what pics to send and getting them bound @ kinkos!! and u have that happening?!!!

    i pretty much have most of it done, waiting on a slow photog however bc i wanted some of my “fashion” stuff sent to u….but if i dont here from him tonight i will just proceed w/o him!! i wanted to show some versitility–like i said most of my stuff is online. may have to get an old pic “smokey eye” and send it and hope for the best– and i will send my new headshot (thank god i had them done) LOL

    im soooo excited!!!!

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