CASTING CALL: Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist


I am looking for (2) Makeup Artists and (1) Hair Stylist starting the first week in July 09’. This is not a full time position but on an as needed basis. Your location does not matter because all of the assignments are in different cities.
Because my schedule has gotten crazy and very demanding I am not able to take on all assignments that I am being requested for. So, I am now looking for additional artists and a hair stylist to assist me on set or by themselves. Each day each assignment will be different.

I am looking for:
Experienced Makeup Artists & Hair Stylist with a Full Makeup & Hair kit.
Someone who is willing to work hard, willing to work long hours, work at a very fast paced and still produce excellent work, organize, always on time, reliable, trustworthy, a team player, with transportation and have a valid driver’s license.
No Groupies
Because you will be working around celebrities and/or entertainers any information you come across will be and is confidential. Understand anything stolen the client will press charges. You are not able to ask for pictures, autographs or gifts.

If your not someone who feel like this can work for you please DO NOT APPLY or email me with questions because I will not answer any questions at this time. Save them for when I call you.

$$ will depend on the assignment. Once selected a pay list will be given to you.
Once your application has been received I will turn all paper work in and the ones that come back approved will receive a phone call to set up an interview. The second and third steps will move very fast.

Please provide me with the following items to complete your application.
2 pictures of your top work (day & evening)
Copy of your current driver’s license
Current picture of yourself
Answers to the following questions:
Why did you apply to this casting?
Your goals:
Your strengths:
Your weaknesses:

Upcoming Assignments
July-Essence Music Festival in New Orleans
July-Beyonce Tour
July-Fashion Week in Miami
August-National Makeup Tour
September-National Makeup Tour
September-Filming in West Palm Beach
October-National Makeup Tour
*weddings, commercials, photo shoots, and other assignments you will be needed for.

email: for application
subject line:casting call
an application will be emailed to you with all the mailing information and details.

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2 Replies to “CASTING CALL: Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist”

  1. Unless you want people to think this is a scam wait until AFTER they ARE hired to request a copy of someones drivers lisence!

  2. Anonymous, with an amazing resume as mine and my name alone made this casting a great sucess once again. Hair and makeup people has already been hired, worked 3 major events and have been paid. So, anyone that is still thinking this is a scam oh well. They were not meant to be working along side of me. No beal deal!

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