Back to the Dentist

Hey guys, I am back at the dentist office. Today begins my first treatment. I have a total of 4 treatments that I need to get done. My goal is to do them all in June because starting July my schedule is crazy. The only problem is I have some dates out of town now so I have to schedule while or when I am home.

Can’t wait for this to be over already. Hope I am not in much pain after cuz I am a big baby.

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2 Replies to “Back to the Dentist”

  1. aww u will be ok! i hate the dentist too……….i just went a month ago, but forutunate for me it was for just a deep cleaning 🙂 but that hurt so much. i am going to be getting braces again so i am in the process of getting my teeth healthy again. i have eaten lemon head candies for 3 yrs straight daily and have ruined the enamel arg!!!! so yea my teeth are alittle sensitive and i love to crunch LOL

    but u will be good, just fast forward ur mind to the time when its ova!! 😀

  2. hope the treatment won't be too bad. I don't mind going to the dentist, but I didn't have any problems with my teeth so far.

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