ED HARDY pending gig at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami

This morning I received a call from Lacie at Ed Hardy and we talked about me working strictly with them at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami. As you know this year sponsor makeup company is Makeup Forever so they have it on lock. But, the designers can bring in their own personal glam squad to work on them as they walk the runway and do photos and interviews.

So, it’s really looking like I will be working with them at fashion week and at the trade show. A few more things just need to be confirmed and then it’s a done deal. Lacie was such a sweetheart, already LUV HER.

Will keep you posted.



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  1. Wuschel,I am excited about the assignment myself. They heard I was going to be in Miami and asked me to be a part of fashion week. I don't have the details on who I will be doing makeup on at the ED HARDY fashion show but I am just excited to be working with such a great company.

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