I am still getting write up’s from working with ED HARDY & TRUE RELIGION during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim. I LOVE THEM ALL…keep them coming. Thanks NY STYLE TIMES for supporting me, it means a lot.

Ed Hardy Rocks Miami with Haute Rock & Roll Looks
Saturday, August 15, 2009
By admin at NY STYLE TIMES

Ed Hardy’s swimwear looks were only the secondary feature next to the hair and makeup of the show. The make up and hair were brought to life by celebrity hair and makeup artist, Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. Brining back the mullet to the 10th power with a makeup palette that rivaled the sparkle of diamonds and rubies, the models hit the runway full tilt!

Nothing gives a woman a more powerful feeling then being glitzed and glamorized so they can strut their stuff on the runway in their skivvies no doubt. The swimwear was secondary at best to the hair and makeup by Brandy Gomez-Dulessis. Twisted and tied puffed up and sprayed down was all that was going on back stage. Models were glazed over in fun colors, sparkles and bright hues. This was something Gomez-Duplessis reserved for the Ed Hardy show. She had done and NBC Telecast and the True Religion show earlier that day. She was just looking to have a little fun with such a fun and colorful brand.

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Saturday started off with me waking up at 6 am because Luis a from ED HARDY asked me to meet them at 8 am at SUSHISAMBA for the ED HARDY edible swimsuit. I texted Lacie to confirm the time and location because yesterday Lacie called me ad pushed the time back. Glad that I didn’t jump up to early cuz Lacie hit me back after 9 am to call Luis with the time. So, basically my day now started later. Miss Sassy and I took our time to get ready and grab some lunch. We hit this popular old school diner and order chicken and steak quesidilla. These things was amazing, and really filling that we both could not finish our lunch.

Since we just ate this greasy lunch I knew I had to walk all that foolishness off. So we did mini shopping and this is where I feel in love with Calvin Harris single “I’m Not Alone”. We headed over to The Shore Club because we had another gift suite to attend called THE LOOKOUT SUITE by Body Sculpt. The hotel is modern and had a relax feel, so us. The Shore club Hotel is where MISS SASSY wants to have her birthday bash upstairs in the PENTHOUSE. Before going upstairs you know I had to play in the lobby by taking pictures. Today we were also scheduled to get Manicures by Priti Nails so I was very excited about that cuz I haven’t gotten my nails done in so long. As soon as we enter Ryan Berit greeted us with drinks, food, and made us feel so at home. He was such a great host.Kristina, was a sweetheart, she knew who I was and was excited to have both MISS SASSY and I there. Everybody (company)that was a part were amazing.

After a great afternoon we head back to the hotel to get ready for the big show tonight…ED HARDY. I wanted something comfortable but bold in colors. Let me tell you how crazy the backstage was. It was crazy, attitude flying everywhere. As long as I had a drink I was straight. One of the many highlights was being able to walk the runway two days in the row right before the show started. The first time Fawn grabbed me and said come with me I want you to meet my mom. I am always so happy to see a great mother and daughter relationship because it’s something that I didn’t have with my mom. So for her mom to take time out and fly out from Ohio to see her baby it was sweet. After runing around and just enjoying myself we get our seats and I enjoyed myself. DJ IRIE was the DJ and you would have thought I was in the nightclub:) the music was so on point. Another great moment was taking pics with DINA and talking with her daughter who is such a big girl now.

After we packed up we go upstairs to do the ED HARDY staff meeting but on our way upstairs to the room MISS SASSY hears Kelly Cutrone voice and I am floored cuz this woman personality is so NEW YORK. Another great moment of the trip:)



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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim-Friday

My day started off with me getting up at 4:30am so I could get myself ready in start my day. I had to get Fawn Arthur the Design Director of ED HARDY SWIMWEAR hair & makeup ready for two morning appearances on the Miami local news station. The models from Wilhelmina Modeling agency was suppose to get ready at the hotel but I don’t think the time allotment was scheduled correctly so I got them ready at the station. We left the Fontainbleau Hotel around 7ish am but I wasn’t originally planned to go with them but Shi and the designers liked my work and the models needed to get ready so when Luis Pineda the Marketing/PR/ Director asked if I could ride with them to Ft. Lauderdale. I figure why not, right. So, I texted Miss Sassy who was still asleep at the hotel with what my new plans was. I was saying to myself that Michelle is going to kill me that I changed my schedule after she revised it so many times before I left. She was asleep she just texted back ‘k”, I bet she thought she saw wrong. So the first stop was SOUTH FLORIDA CW news station.

Next stop was NBC 6 Miami for “South Florida Today”. Fawn and I rode with Dana from TresKoi Public Relations, the company that handles ED HARDY publicity. Fawn had shared with me earlier that she was friends with Designer Ariel Raphael from Bravos TV Show Miami Social. Ariel was also being interviewed on the same show. So she was happy to see him plus he gave Fawn a shout out on his interview. You know he gave Fawn her props and that says a lot about him.

I was invited to attend “The Style Suite” one of the many private suites going on at the MISS SASSY so she could enjoy some of the blessing with me instead of just being at the hotel or beach.

Grey Goose was the liquor company that sponsor the event so I had the peartini. Jillian Altit, with Jillicious was doing mini makeovers and showcasing her revamp makeup line. So, MISS SASSY and I spent some time with Jillian. She was very excited to offer me some of her products. I am loving the “Bada Bing Tingers”. Her delicious flavored and scented lip balms comes with a hidden vanity lip brush. The other thing I love about the “Bada Bing Tingers” is that it helps to give you fresh breath just by sucking air. The scented minty lip balms help to freshen the breath. Jillian also gave me her AM SENSUAL & PM SEDUCTIVE eyes eye cream shadows. The eyeshadow are non-creasing, waterproof, long lasting…really long lasting. They come with a retractable eyeliner hidden at the top of the package. Can’t wait to try them on my next photo shoot…Jillian, you makeup is really JILLICIOUS!!!
Before leaving I took pictures with MISS SASSY, Jillian with JILLICIOUS, Michael Sheehan with Novel Communication and myself Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis.

Go back to the hotel so we could get ready for the TRUE RELIGION show at 7pm at the Raliegh Hotel on Collins Ave. I had to be there for 5:30pm to get my people ready. As you know Makeup forever Cosmetics was the sponsor makeup company. But, I was hired by Shai the President/CEO of ED HARDY to be the PERSONAL MAKEUP ARTIST for his designers and staff. Shai, personal assistant Lacie was very supported to make sure I was backstage working along the other makeup artist. Lacie wanted to make sure that I got credit working MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK as well made sure that photographers got pictures of me working and the designers when interviewed that my work would saturate the Internet, blogs, magazines, etc. She was such an angel for giving me this opportunity. She hand pick a few models that I could work on so I can have pictures for my book. Lacie also said she would write any letter if anybody needed proof that I was one of the makeup artists as well as the PERSONAL ED HARDY & TRUE RELIGION MAKEUP ARTIST for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami.

I was invited to attend a cocktail party that PATRON was doing so while the designers ” Design Director Designer FAWN ARTHUR, Designer ANGELA AVANESYAN, & Asst. Designer Heather Bothwelt” got set up MISS SASSY and I went over to get drinks in check it out. I ordered a PATRON MAGARITA. My signature drink the rest of the evening. The great part was the PATRON tent was next to the TRUE RELIGION tent so it was easy to walk over to get drinks. MISS SASSY and I went back to the tent got our passes and I started setting up getting ready. So much was going on behind the scenes just what you would imagine happens it happens. Very fast paced, lots of personality, paparazzi, press, reporters, models, hair, makeup…I was loving it. It was everything I wanted, everything I love about the industry. Honestly, I wanted to cry…really. So for ay hair * makeup artist that want this career and is working towards this career just keep working hard everyday. When GOD think your ready he would place you there. Look at my life, my story. Do you know how many times a day I hear “YOU LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS, YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE THIS LIFE, YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO BE RESPECTED CUZ YOU STILL LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS,YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO BE TALENTED CUZ YOU LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS, YOU WILL NEVER BE TAKEN SERIOUS, I CAN’T HIRE YOU CUZ YOUR LIVING IN NEW ORLEANS”. Well this day, I showed so many people that it doesn’t matter what my area code is I did it, I was a part of one of the biggest event in the fashion industry and I still own a home in New Orleans. I want makeup artist, hair stylist, and designers that live in small cities know they can do it. Just work hard everyday all day and don’t rush it. Cuz when it’s your time to do anything in life and it was meant for you to do it. GOD will make it happen it doesn’t matter where you live.

So after getting everybody together for interviews, and TV appearances, MISS SASSY and I went to get our seats so we can watch the TRUE RELIGON show. My camera didn’t take the best pics, I think cuz my hands was shaking I still can not believe that I was a part of all this.

After the show more pics was taken. DINA from the Housewives of New Jersey was there with her daughter and some of her friends. She was a sweetheart and was happy to see her.

After, the show was over we hung out for a minute and then went looking for FOOD.

Enjoy the pics!!!


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Makeup Arrived Today

All of my items that I ordered is arriving today for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim. I just placed a large makeup orders in palettes because it’s so much easier to travel with. The foundation are really hard to pack in carry around. Because I don’t know who I am working on from ED HARDY & TRUE RELIGION I just ordered a lot of colors. I spoke with Lacie in June 09 when she hired me but we never did a walk through. I am so excited to be the MAKEUP ARTIST for the ED HARDY & TRUE RELIGION Designers. I know Makeup Forever is the sponsor makeup line but I am the personal makeup artist of the company. I hope the Makeup Forever Artists don’t trip you know.

Well, gotta start packing.

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ED HARDY pending gig at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami

This morning I received a call from Lacie at Ed Hardy and we talked about me working strictly with them at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami. As you know this year sponsor makeup company is Makeup Forever so they have it on lock. But, the designers can bring in their own personal glam squad to work on them as they walk the runway and do photos and interviews.

So, it’s really looking like I will be working with them at fashion week and at the trade show. A few more things just need to be confirmed and then it’s a done deal. Lacie was such a sweetheart, already LUV HER.

Will keep you posted.


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