Saturday started off with me waking up at 6 am because Luis a from ED HARDY asked me to meet them at 8 am at SUSHISAMBA for the ED HARDY edible swimsuit. I texted Lacie to confirm the time and location because yesterday Lacie called me ad pushed the time back. Glad that I didn’t jump up to early cuz Lacie hit me back after 9 am to call Luis with the time. So, basically my day now started later. Miss Sassy and I took our time to get ready and grab some lunch. We hit this popular old school diner and order chicken and steak quesidilla. These things was amazing, and really filling that we both could not finish our lunch.

Since we just ate this greasy lunch I knew I had to walk all that foolishness off. So we did mini shopping and this is where I feel in love with Calvin Harris single “I’m Not Alone”. We headed over to The Shore Club because we had another gift suite to attend called THE LOOKOUT SUITE by Body Sculpt. The hotel is modern and had a relax feel, so us. The Shore club Hotel is where MISS SASSY wants to have her birthday bash upstairs in the PENTHOUSE. Before going upstairs you know I had to play in the lobby by taking pictures. Today we were also scheduled to get Manicures by Priti Nails so I was very excited about that cuz I haven’t gotten my nails done in so long. As soon as we enter Ryan Berit greeted us with drinks, food, and made us feel so at home. He was such a great host.Kristina, was a sweetheart, she knew who I was and was excited to have both MISS SASSY and I there. Everybody (company)that was a part were amazing.

After a great afternoon we head back to the hotel to get ready for the big show tonight…ED HARDY. I wanted something comfortable but bold in colors. Let me tell you how crazy the backstage was. It was crazy, attitude flying everywhere. As long as I had a drink I was straight. One of the many highlights was being able to walk the runway two days in the row right before the show started. The first time Fawn grabbed me and said come with me I want you to meet my mom. I am always so happy to see a great mother and daughter relationship because it’s something that I didn’t have with my mom. So for her mom to take time out and fly out from Ohio to see her baby it was sweet. After runing around and just enjoying myself we get our seats and I enjoyed myself. DJ IRIE was the DJ and you would have thought I was in the nightclub:) the music was so on point. Another great moment was taking pics with DINA and talking with her daughter who is such a big girl now.

After we packed up we go upstairs to do the ED HARDY staff meeting but on our way upstairs to the room MISS SASSY hears Kelly Cutrone voice and I am floored cuz this woman personality is so NEW YORK. Another great moment of the trip:)



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  1. It wasn't that bad actually, but I'm use to it. Living in New Orleans is HOT before the summer it's HOT! See that's how I am about living in NYC during the winter. Can't do it. Had to leave. No, I didn't I will try to do a contest when I get a break maybe next time. Will be checkin you out:)

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