Natalie my old assistant I think is a little upset with me that I can’t take an upcoming assignment. Radio Personality Downtown Lesli Brown from 102.9 fm needs me to do her makeup. I am DOWNTOWN LESLI BROWN personal makeup artist. Just received a text that she needs me but the dates interfere with my L’OREAL tour dates. Sorry Downtown Lesli Brown that I won’t be able to do your makeup for your new show on UPN. You know if I was not on tour I would have been honor to do your makeup. If the producer wanna change the date and wait 2 more days then I could do it that would be great but who am I to ask, right:)

Well, I am going to bed now, tired an a little upset that I can’t be there for her…SUCKS!

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2 Replies to “I’M SAD”

  1. How tacky and indiscreet to name drop like that. Show some degree of professional pride and use the work you HAVE done to make a statement and not name drop the people you haven't.


  2. Aww, sorry ANONYMOUS that out of 398 posting this one bother you…wonder why? In case you didn't realize but it's my blog about me…my life…and what I go through daily “INSIDE THE LIFE OF A MAKEUP ARTIST”. But thanks for stopping by, my side tracker shows you been here before. Not mad at you, I'm sure I will have more postings you will comment on without wanting everybody to know who you are. SEE YA BYE & LUV U MEAN IT:)

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