written by: Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

The Pink Lady pledge is to act cool, to look cool, and to be cool…’til death to us part, think PINK NAIL POLISH. If you haven’t noticed by now, the summer nail color for both hands and feet is PINK. Bright bold pink, almost neon pink, is getting used on some of our favorite cool celebs. Last week singer Cassie rocked long pink nails and the gorgeous Kardashian girls all rocked pink on the Kourtney & Khloe takes Miami show. Kim Kardashian was also a pink lady at Celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves birthday party with her pink nails.

While in Miami last week and on my makeup tour, I had to get in on this summer trend since pink is my favorite color. I decided on my day off to pamper my nails in go get them painted pink. My two favorite nail colors I have fallen in love with are Fire Candle by PRITI nails and Hot Girls by M2M nail polish. PRITI is a non-toxic nail polish line that is fast drying, and chip resistant. M2M, owned by Celebrity Manicurist Myrith Leon-McComark made sure this luxury polish was fun, bold and has a high gloss. You have to try them both because they look really great on. I usually don’t do well with nail polish because they always seems to chip but both products gave awesome shine and lasted for a little over a week. And for me and that’s a long time because I am so rough on my hands. So if you want to be a PINK LADY, think PINK!

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  1. wow!! u r a busy B!!!! keep up the great work and remember to take care of u—-dont want u getting sick. (like i am @ the moment)…

    keep the blogs coming 🙂

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