Today I just wanted to do something simple…I know right:) I LOVE FAMILY TIME and since I been on tour all month while home on break I wanted to spend some quality time with my family. I did have to work this morning but I only had 1 bride who I fell in love with. She was such the sweetest thing, great personality we laughed the entire time. The only challenge is I am not able to take any pics, or post any pics of the bride and her wedding. She’s marrying a COLOMBIAN who’s family is very private so this is all I am able to mention:(

Anyway, after leaving the hotel my family met me downstairs and MISS SASSY & her mom met us over at the restaurant. We just had a great time laughing in catching up. As you know I laugh a lot, my kids always say when MISS SASSY and I are together we act like high school tweens. After eating we just strolled through the flea market and just enjoyed each other company.

Later that evening we went to the track so I could walk off some of the food we ate and Michael and Jordan ran theirs off. I can’t go back on tour with more weight so before I could get comfortable at home I changed clothing. I called MISS SASSY to have her meet me but she was getting cupcakes with her mom. How dare she tell me the truth:)) I brought my Essence magazine with me and my mp3 player and I did good by myself, I worked up a sweat.

The rest of the evening we spent at home watching movies and eating the rest of the food we brought back home with us. NO COOKING FOR ME this weekend!

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