On Set at 4am First Day Home

By the time I got off my flight at 11:10pm I have been moving like a crazy woman. Got home jumped in the shower went to get my kit together and washed my brushes. I slept in the playroom so I could try to get some sleep. Of course didn’t happen. I was to scared to oversleep. Alarm went off at 2:30am and once again moving. Arrived on set a little early but glad I did. First I had to walk up twenty flights of stairs. You seen my makeup kit so one of the guys helped me with my things. My area was not set up no lights, no table and not a chair for self and all four talent.

Hear that the schedule has changed again. Remember the first time was 5am call time and not 4am. The talent time keeps change and wrap time keeps changing. So I will just go with flow and do what I am suppose to do. I already made one connection with Walt he works with a lot of public relations for radio in TV. Just met Ann one of the clients from New York. Sounds like today will end at 1pm. Will keep you guys posted.

Glam life of a makeup artist


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