Labor Day Weekend:FRIDAY

Kicked off the day with the girls by going on our date with MR. VALENTINO to see the movie…the last emperor. We were the first to arrive…actually (BEN) was. We caught up with everything and we laughed and laughed cuz that’s what we do when we are together.

After the movie, which was just amazing and I could have watched it 2 more times…but I will be buying the DVD when the movie comes out. Because we were a little hungry we decided to go eat at Superior Grill on St. Charles Ave in get of course…rita’s.

My first day home I left my charger for my Iphone on set so we stopped at the AT&T store after so I could buy another charger and decided to buy a car charger as well.

Then we pass by the W. Hotel to see all of my buddies. I figured it was a Friday night so everybody should be there. I texted that I was on my way. First stop was the Whiskey Bar. When we arrived it was packed full of men. I completely forgot that it was the Kick Off of Southern Decadence at the W. Hotel. The girls and I enjoyed ourselves Lane gave me a bottle of FIJI water and made me a drink. Not really sure what but it was really good. We went upstairs and in their Great Room was”>Passport Magazine with Fashion Designer”>Andrew Christian fresh off his stint with Bravo’s competition “The Fashion Show”. They were doing the Belvedere’s Maceration Stations from 6-9pm so more drinks were flowin. Caught up with my girls BethAnn and Terri. Was also able to see my buddy Nicole Robinson…luv her!

After the fashion show we left, MISS SASSY headed home and I met up with hubby and my son and we went out to ELMWOOD. Grab some snacks in then headed home.

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