Setting Up L’OREAL PARIS lounge at Sundance

Today is pre-Sundance Film Festival 2010 in it has started off great. The L’OREAL PRO Makeup Artists girls (Tiffany & Vanessa) in I go to the Entertainment Weekly magazine lounge presented by L’OREAL PARIS which is GLAMXURIOUS… thanks to Larry and Chris (New Orleans guy) in their vision. The lounge has L’OREAL HIP COOKIES, L’OREAL HIP pillows, L’OREAL tables and a sexy ELNET hairspray station. I don’t think any of the beauty lounge or suite was GLAMMED out like our lounge. I can’t believe this is where we will work the entire Sundance Film Festival doing makeup & hair on the celebrities that will come in to get either full face makeup or touch-up’s before interviews and pictures. The girls and I unpack our L’OREAL makeup kit’s and set up our makeup and hair station. We have so many great new L’OREAL products from “Studio Secrets Professional, The True Match Foundation Roller, and The 24-hour Lash Boosting”.

We also have a new L’OREAL product for men that is amazing, it’s the “Hydra Energetic Eye Roller”. My husband loves all of the men product from L’OREAL in he’s not really a metro sexual type of guy. Well only with his hair, but I am sure he will love this new item as well as some of the celebs that will be coming in.

Later that day we walked down to Main and Heber Street to help set up the L’OREAL “Can I Help You” tent while Tiffany trained the new local brand ambassadors. The studio will be a mini color space where consumers will receive a mini makeup application in have a consultation with the hairstylist. Some of the great samples consumers will receive are the new HIP Studio Secrets Professional Crystal Duo Eyeshadow, and the Colour Riche Serum Lipstick.

After a full day the girls and I decides to grab some lunch and magarita’s at a mexician restaurant.

I am excited about both location in can’t wait to rock it out tomorrow at the Entertainment Weekly lounge…Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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