First Night Out; Sundance 2010

Our first night out in Park City Utah, for Sundance Film Festival 2010 the girls (Makeup Artist Tiffany & Hairstylist Vanessa) and I wanted to have a nice dinner before our big day at The Entertainment Weekly lounge presented by L’OREAL PARIS. So after walking up in down Main Street to find the perfect place the girls and I decided on Jean Louis Restaurant on Main Street. Before walking in a group was walking out in they all shared that we order the Lobster Mac & Cheese. We were greeted by a very nice frenchmen at the front door who was very friendly. He escorted us to a very nice table on the side were we could get comfortable. The ambiance was very sexy, red lights and very European.

We order the Sundance Martini to get in the Sundance Film Festival mood. We did order the Lobrster Mac & Cheese and it was amazing. The lobster were very large pieces not that small or grinded pieces that a lot of restaurant usually give. The cheese was plentiful that I was really full from that one dish.

Later into the dinner the Frenchmen we met earlier came over to introduce himself and it was the owner & chef Jean Louis Montecot’s. He asked the waiter to bring us a very nice dessert and that to was amazing…

If you want to read more about Jean Louis Montecot pick up the Winter/Spring 2010issue of Park City Magazine to read more about this great guy.

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