Drink Yourself Priti

Beautifying from within, eco-friendly Priti NYC introduces a limited edition
glass water bottle to its nail care line in celebration of Earth Day
Since it’s creation in 2005, Priti NYC has made it its mission to provide women with luxurious beauty products that help protect the environment‐one manicure at a time. This Earth Day, the renowned luxury and eco‐friendly nail polish brand has taken the idea of beautifying to the next level: starting from within. For a limited time, Priti NYC will be selling the Priti glass transportable water bottle in an effort to promote healthy habits for women and sustainability for the planet.

With over 4 billion water bottles ending up in land fills every year, encouraging the use of reusable water bottles seemed necessary for Priti NYC owner and founder, Kim D’Amato. “Our brand is continually finding new and innovative ways to bring the latest trends in nail polish, hand, and foot care to our customers, in the greenest and highest quality way possible”, said D’Amato. “ I loved the idea of taking this concept to the next level by encouraging women to drink more water, in a glamorous way that won’t contribute to the destruction of our environment.”

Made of maximum durability glass, the Priti Glass Water Bottle comes with a protective stainless steel cover that makes it highly unbreakable. It is also 100 % recyclable and indefinitely reusable, creating little impact on the environment. Glass drinking containers ensure a cleanliness that is not possible with plastic, but until now, have not been easily transportable. The bottles will be available for sale for a limited time on the company’s website at http://www.pritinyc.com for $34.95.

In honor of Earth Day, Priti NYC has also teamed up with d_parture spa™, the renowned airport day spa concept. The spa chain has opened the world’s first and only eco‐friendly airport spa at Newark Liberty International Airport, which utilizes exclusively Priti NYC products for nail and foot care.

Priti NYC’s famous luxury nail polishes are all completely free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) and formaldehyde‐ known carcinogenic ingredients used in traditional nail polishes. Other products include a biodegradable soy nail polish remover, bath salts, and sugar scrubs for the hands and feet. The bottles used for packaging are also made of recycled materials and completely recyclable.

For additional information on Priti NYC, please visit http://www.pritinyc.com or contact Kristin@pritinyc.com

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