New York Angela Yee from 105.1fm gets Glam This year I had a lot of new things added to my already full schedule during Essence Music Festival. Essence Magazine & Pebbles presents R&B Star was a great add on. I was selected to work with the 3 female contestants everyday and New York 105.1FM radio personality Angela Yee. Angela was the host of the R&B Star and so I got to glam her up everyday during Essence Music Festival. I used Mayawater Facial Mist on her everyday because it was so warm in New Orleans. When she came in I wanted to cool her off and refresh her skin before appyling makeup on her.

Because Angela tan was in the fading stage I decided to play up her tan by bronzing her skin. The peach jumper was such a great shade for her complexion I decided to play with a lot of peach, coral, and pink shades on her skin tone. Plus it’s a great day makeup look for Angela.
Angela Yee getting glam by her makeup artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis & hair stylist Maisha Teacher
I’m surprise we got her hair and makeupdone in time. Angela is a riot…everyday we laughed so much that she had us crying. Angela defintely needs her own reality show, her one liners and celebrity gossip would keep me tuned in every week.

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