Makeup Secrets: My Favorite Beauty Tips I Use On Set

Earlier this month on my way to Vermont I had a great time chatting with Kerri, Editor of GalTime about some of my favorite beauty secrets. Every makeup artists have their own personal beauty secret they use on set to help make their job easy. I shared with GalTime, 3 of mines. Here is one and read what my other two  beauty secrets are on GalTime. I hope you love them, maybe your be able to use them on yourself. 
We all have a beauty “trick” or two that we can’t live without.
Maybe your favorite hand lotion doubles as a flyaway tamer, or you use clear mascara to tame unruly brows. (I like using clear makeup primer on the backs of my hands. It minimizes pores and fine lines, making them look younger!)
Here are three more red-carpet tested, insider “secrets” to call your own, courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis
Don’t Sweat It: Who needs blotting papers when you have recycled brown napkins? Gomez-Duplessis never leaves home without them.
“When I lived in New Orleans and worked outside on set, I needed something that was going to absorb the sweat/oil on my clients’ faces. I didn’t want to keep adding loose, translucent powder every five minutes, and blotting sheets weren’t working against the humid weather. These napkins are free and won’t irritate sensitive skin.”

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