My New List Of Meds So I Can Get Through The Day

Since I didn’t get any better on Monday I had to go see my doctor to see what’s going on. Having a weak immune system my body picks up anything and everything. A simple cold for an average person can go away after a few days of cold medicine and rest. For me it turns into a respiratory infection, acute bronchitis  and acute sinus. 
Back home in bed resting organizing my new list of medications on my phone so I’ll remember to take them at the right time. Can I just vent in say I’m so tired of taking meds. I know I need them if I want to continue to work doing what I love but some days I just hate it. 

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  1. I feel we're internet friends so I can say “do what you have to do” and handle it. You love the glam life and if it means taking meds to keep your illness under control, then do it. Life's too short and there' so many of us not being proactive and doing what's necessary to survive and stay healthy. They're a part of your life's support system now and they're keeping you happy and healthy, that's all that matters. Throw in a “mean green” a couple times a week and you'll stay extra healthy and strong! Thanks for sharing daring! xoxoxo Lily

  2. Your so right friend thanks for the tough luv talk. I guess I needed that. Sometimes I just want to get out of bed in not have to take anything. It's so hard adjusting to my new life. But I'm going to do better in just suck it up. Thanks for the support ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hello, I just found your blog while looking for reviews on HUM Skinnybird supplements. I have Graves disease, it is so hard to try and make people understand an autoimmune disease! I have explained over and over again and yet I will still get, Why are you sick all the time?” from people. Or the fact that I am a complete germaphobe now, people just dont get it.

    I am so happy I found your blog. Thank you!

  4. Hi Anonymous…I'm glad you stumble upon my page. I hope that I am able to bring awareness to others about people with autoimmune disease. So many times I find family, friends, and associates say that “I Don't Look Sick” and like you said “Why Are You Always So Sick”. The funny thing is if we were a celebrity we would have so many people that would be supportive and have compassionate about what we are going through. It's funny how a person on a reality show can have the same disease and get so much support from people we know, lol. It's ok, I'm going to use my platform to make people understand. You hang in there and definitely stop by again.

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