Going To The Pulmonologists For Another Treatment On My Lungs


This morning I went in to do treatments on my lungs. I’ve been actually feeling better so once I can get my lungs healthy I’ll be almost back to normal. I guess getting that flu shot didn’t hurt because I’ve been exposed to sick people the last few days and nothing happen but a sore throat. Unfortunately that sore throat for one day set me back. My lungs are weaker than it was on my last visit so I really have to make sure I stay away from anyone that is sick. So hard to do when I work around people everyday. My Pulmonologists still has me on prednisone, seem like I’ll be on it next month as well. I hope I don’t get to 200lbs because I’m almost there. Never thought I would weigh that much but if it helps me to get through the day then I’ll take this nasty pill with a smile.

You Don’t Look Sick…Auto Immune Disease

Do I need to be 6ft under in order for me to be consider a sick person. Nowadays when people are sick, non cancerous they look like me. They are fighting everyday living with some type of illness that they have been diagnosed with. If you know someone who have any type of an auto immune disease try to be there for them. Just like you show emotions for a celebrity who is sick and in the hospital the world hashtag and go hard, show that same support for your friend. Instead of suggesting they go out with you in the girls after work offer to maybe have something delivered to them. Maybe get together with friends in skip Starbucks for a week in treat your bestie to a one day maid service or if she has young kids treat her kids to healthy food/snacks or some type of educational entertainment that they can do at home while mommy is not feeling her best. Don’t wait for the person who don’t look sick to be under the grave to finally wanna step up. Real friends show up before the tombstone does.

Sometimes A Girl Need A Treat After Bad News…Lupus Sucks

Today was such a draining day for me didn’t help that my test results gave me more bad news. I was praying that I’ll catch a break on these new tests but I didn’t. I know I’m suppose to cut back on my favorite thing to do, eat sweets and drink wine but today I need something that would make me happy. Now that my kidneys are doing better I now have to fight with Multiple Nodules In My Lungs. Of course I will get through it but it pisses me off because now I have to deal with treatments. LUPUS SUCKS!!!!

Health: Today Is My Schedule CT Scan


I promised you that I would share with you everything that’s going on in my life, good or bad. This morning I had to go in to do another CT Scan, I get them often so I’m actually use to it. Today my Pulmonologist is checking on my lungs because I’ve been having breathing problems, strong chest pains, and shortness of breath especially when walking and going upstairs. Wish me luck that my results come back with no problems.

My Allergy Testing Round 2

I’m back for round 2 of my allergy testing. Everyone asked me if it hurt last time but it didn’t. It just feel like someone is taking a writing pen in sticking me in my back. The only thing that bothered me was that the room was freezing, So after 2 visits guess what, I’m not allergic to anything. My lupus be playing jokes on my bodies making it mock like I had allergies so I was miserable for a few months, When it happens again I don’t have to take allergy meds because it won’t stop it. I’m just upset that I waste so much money…No comments on my cheesy tattoo, lol!!!


Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

I’m on the road for Artistry Lab. A total of 8 makeup brands will be teaching makeup tips & tricks to Connecticut Makeup Artist from Sephora. So I knew I had to have not only great makeup but fabulous hair. So I brought my High Tops rollers and Lemon Drop brush from The Dry Bar to achieve my blowout look. 

What do you think? Did I do a great job on my hair? I think it look professionally done. 

I’m so glad the event is in the same hotel I’m staying in because it gives me an opportunity to run up to my room every 4 hours to do my breathing treatment. At least my makeup is on fleek while I’m sitting here doing nothing. I have to use a nebulizer because of my lupus so I’ll be on this for awhile. My lungs are inflamed so it makes it hard for me to breathe. 

Asking All My Friends To Put On Purple Today For Lupus Awareness

Friday is usually my Flirty Friday day where I tell you to have a sexy day. This morning I am asking all of my FAMILY, FRIENDS, ASSOCIATES & SOCIAL MEDIA friends to put on purple to help bring awareness to this horrible autoimmune disease that I have called LUPUS. Lupus became a household name in the Gomez family when my mom twin sister died from it. This disease has completely changed my life. I fight and struggle everyday to get through the day. I know I don’t look sick from the outside because of all the hair and makeup I wear, lol. But if only you knew how hard it is for me to look that way. I have to take breaks just to get ready in the morning. To go to work in do what I luv is such a hard task. Because I have to continue to work because of daily and medical bills but mostly I have to because I need some type of extra happiness and doing makeup, teaching makeup, making other women happy brings me happiness. Seeing my work on TV, videos and magazines is so different now then when I was really in demand in the beauty industry. 
I never ask anyone for anything and I always say everyone has a story. Well, this is my story…my favor is Can You Wear Purple Today? Then tag me on any of the social media platform that I am on with #WearPurpleForBrandy even though I’m in the group of people that might not see the cure for lupus. I’m fighting because I don’t want my kids, your family and anyone out there to have to deal with the challenge that lupus will bring to your life. Yolanda Foster friends and the world supported her with her Lyme disease social media challenge. I want to see if you will support me just as strong. You can wear purple anywhere; hair, makeup, nails, earrings, ties, t-shirt, sneakers, hat, caps, Be as creative as you want. I know I’m not Kim Kardashian and will break the internet, LOL. Let’s have fun on this LUPUS AWARENESS DAY!!! Thanks in advance….See ya bye & luv u mean it!!!

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies & Happy World Lupus Day

Ending my night writing this small blog post while in bed. I had such an amazing day with my 2 babies. Michael (hubby) woke me up before leaving for work, he gave me my gifts. Jordan (son) came in got in bed with me to watch one of my favorite film; Dances With Wolves. Envy (daughter) came home this afternoon bearing gifts and that’s when we started our celebration. The thing is what we did today is normal especially when I’m able to have both Envy & Jordan home;. I’m a lucky mom because my kids love being in my company. They treat me very well and holidays is never really special because we vowed to love each other hard everyday and not just holidays. 
My beautiful babies, Envy Jewel & Jordan Armani
The only thing that’s different is celebrating World Lupus Day. Just do me a favor support anyone you know with Lupus. In when I say support I’m not saying with money but being their for them. First thing google Lupus and find out exactly what lupus does to your friend. Then you can figure out how best you can be their for them. 
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