Asking All My Friends To Put On Purple Today For Lupus Awareness

Friday is usually my Flirty Friday day where I tell you to have a sexy day. This morning I am asking all of my FAMILY, FRIENDS, ASSOCIATES & SOCIAL MEDIA friends to put on purple to help bring awareness to this horrible autoimmune disease that I have called LUPUS. Lupus became a household name in the Gomez family when my mom twin sister died from it. This disease has completely changed my life. I fight and struggle everyday to get through the day. I know I don’t look sick from the outside because of all the hair and makeup I wear, lol. But if only you knew how hard it is for me to look that way. I have to take breaks just to get ready in the morning. To go to work in do what I luv is such a hard task. Because I have to continue to work because of daily and medical bills but mostly I have to because I need some type of extra happiness and doing makeup, teaching makeup, making other women happy brings me happiness. Seeing my work on TV, videos and magazines is so different now then when I was really in demand in the beauty industry. 
I never ask anyone for anything and I always say everyone has a story. Well, this is my story…my favor is Can You Wear Purple Today? Then tag me on any of the social media platform that I am on with #WearPurpleForBrandy even though I’m in the group of people that might not see the cure for lupus. I’m fighting because I don’t want my kids, your family and anyone out there to have to deal with the challenge that lupus will bring to your life. Yolanda Foster friends and the world supported her with her Lyme disease social media challenge. I want to see if you will support me just as strong. You can wear purple anywhere; hair, makeup, nails, earrings, ties, t-shirt, sneakers, hat, caps, Be as creative as you want. I know I’m not Kim Kardashian and will break the internet, LOL. Let’s have fun on this LUPUS AWARENESS DAY!!! Thanks in advance….See ya bye & luv u mean it!!!
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