A Fun Filled Inspirational Day With Sephora

I started my morning by going down to the lake to collect my thoughts in enjoy the beautiful weather before getting on the road. Today I had to attend a Sephora training for the Specialists, Beauty Studio Coordinators & Senior Artists in the Connecticut market. Being that I’m the only Senior Artist now in Connecticut I was the only representative. This was both Stephanie Hilgendorf & Sam Michalska first time visiting Connecticut. The day was split up in two section, Lizzie went in at 9am and Ilse and myself at 1pm. It was very motivating and to hear the ladies talk about things that I want to teach the cast was music to my ears. Glad to hear that I was on the same page with them. I just want the Connecticut makeup artists to be industry ready makeup artists that’s on the same level as the artists in bigger market. With all of my experience in the beauty & entertainment industry I have a lot to share with them. Definitely a great training class, it was inspirational & motivating

Ilse, Self, Lizzie 



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