Have You Tried The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

During the summer every girl wants a cellulite free, tight body as they head out to the beach. I received a sample size of Sol de Janiero Brazilian Bum Bum Cream in my gratis from Sephora. So after hearing all the fuss about it from the Sephora cast I couldn’t wait to try it out. Boy, were they right!! This might be the most moisturizing cream I have every felt that absorb really fast on the skin. The glow that you see is from the mica follow by the conditioning coconut oil leaving the skin extremely soft like a baby skin. On my boogie down brown skin, it had my skin looking very glistening. On a tan body it will make you look so irresistible. The only disappoint thing for me is that at the present time I cannot smell, nada. So I had to rely on my husband to tell me how the cream smell. I asked him what adjective would I use, he said AMAZING! The scent is a pistachio caramel that last all day. A great decadent summer scent and a cream that will leave your body bringing all the boys to the beach.


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  1. Hi Brandy!!!
    We are very happy you liked our Bum Bum Cream! You are so fab!!!
    Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog, your support and amazing writing!!
    We’d love to get in touch with you. What’s your email?
    Beijos and all the best!

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