Sunday Afternoon Was A Chill Day For Me

Before heading to work I stopped at Wendy’s to get a large bowl of chili. It’s so nippy outside that I just wanted something comforting, cuz a salad wasn’t going to do today.

I only went in for a few hours to clean the display counter with Clorox bleach and to place a Jane Iredale makeup order. We are out of stock on many items from the week so I wanted to get a order together since I’m off on Monday & Tuesday.

Hubby did a great job with selecting these pink & red roses. How sweet of him. He also brought Amy flowers on Saturday at the launch party. He selected the right colors of roses that they actually matched her dress.

Before I left the house this morning I put a little bit of everything in the crock pot to make a spicy gumbo. Still needed a few more ingredients but overall it was delicious! Dinner is now served I’m ready for The Walking Dead tonight, what about you?

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