This Is What I Have In My Hair & Makeup Kit

Since I’m forced to stay home during Winter Storm Chris I decided to do a few things. One being pampering my skin while working on my hair & makeup kit for tomorrow video shoot with Nestle. And the other is my upcoming assignment this month for the NBA All Star Weekend.

Have you ever gotten overwhelmed with trying to do any type of cleaning & organizing? I think I’m there now, lol. So, I’ll just stay focus on tomorrow assignment first then Saturday I can focus on packing for my trip in New Orleans. It’s a total of 8 hair & makeup people so I just want to make sure I have everything my team will need.

I do want to thank Danielle at Alison Brod Marketing + Communications for sending over goodies to help me with makeup. Here is a quick video to show what they sent me.

This is what I’m bringing with me on tomorrow in another quick little video below.



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