How Did You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo 

​​​It started out not looking to good because we had such horrible rain here in Connecticut. I’m a GOMEZ, I know, I know I don’t look like one but I am, so Cinco de Mayo is a big deal to me. Because I was teaching my Beauty Blueprint class here in Connecticut I knew that I would be celebrating Cinco de Mayo at home until I saw Terra Danbury posting on Instagram a few weeks ago. So we RSVP’d and was elated about it until May 5th. The crew met up at the restaurant about 5pm and the party began. Thanks Hotel Zero Degrees for hosting a great party. Being from New Orleans, hubby and I are use to partying until the sun comes up. We’re getting old so we couldn’t hang that long but we managed to stay until 10:45 pm. Johnny & Randy was the last to leave, I think they put in another hour…yes indeed.

Our drinks of choice was lots and lots of margarita’s & mojito’s until they were out so we moved on to prosecco while the guys hit the beer & hard stuff. So Randy came up with this brilliant idea to order about 7+ orders of truffle fries so that we would not wake up with a hangover the next morning.

​Next year if you’re in the area definitely spend your Cinco de Mayo at Terra Danbury. As you can see my friends and I had a fantastic time!

​Ladies, Stephanie the bartender makes a MEAN drink so definitely go see her at Terra Danbury.  So now that you know how it went down for me how did you party that evening?

* Boy, was Randy correct, I woke up the next morning not feeling ill at all. So if you go out order truffle fries if you plan on drinking. 

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