Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist In Connecticut Who Works In New York


img_8453-1Everyone always think my work life is glamxurious and it is but the most challenging part when I don’t have a driver is dealing with the subways in New York City.

So just like how I started my blog in 2007 for a small group of individuals, I was making these videos below for a family member. Then the light came on that my followers would enjoy seeing me going to work. I apologize for all the videos but hopefully you enjoy watching as you come along with me to work. I am going to try in do more videos let see where this goes. Maybe one day I’ll have a camera crew following me doing a show on “Inside The Life Of A Makeup Artist”.

My alarm was scheduled for 4:45am and my train was for 6:15am. I live 22mins away from the train station so I have to be fast with hair & makeup. So I’ve gotten accustomed to getting everything ready the night before because in the morning I don’t have time to think about anything. I don’t drink coffee and I can’t have Redbull’s anymore because of my heart so I have to be organized. But once I’m up I’m pleasant I’m not a grouch.

You ready……

Usually on the train in the morning I’m taking selfies on the Metro North, I’m maybe reading my script, I’m going over my call sheets, listening to music and/or a self-help podcast.

Almost to Grand Central, this stop is Harlem 125th. When I get here I start freshening up my makeup.

Making sure I’m good before I walk away. I brought my Swiss Army bag because its smaller since I was only doing makeup on Nashelly Messina.

When I’m walking I need comfortable shoes on. I can’t do my heels anymore my feet would give me major attitude if I even attempt to do that. My FitBit is not going to be able to keep up with my steps today….BAM!

Wasn’t I just here at Grand Central? Days like this I wish we would have kept the NY brownstone.

Look how empty Grand Central is on a Sunday morning.

I guess I’m standing

Aww shit! I hate this part right here (singing the Pussycat Doll Song)

On a weekdays I have to be faster getting through this section, if not I’ll get run over…seriously!

The first thing I grab usually is my inhaler when it’s a lot of freaking steps. It all depends on the station.

I’m good now, being underground is a beast when I have my makeup kit which means always.

Since I’m 20mins early a stop at Starbucks for my signature; Iced Lemon Pound Cake and a Cool Lime Refresher. Nash lives across the street so I have time to relax.

Saturday At Warren Tricomi Was A Glamxurious One

​After so many plans was probably cancel after that rain storm on yesterday so today at Warren Tricomi salon in Greenwich, CT the salon was jam pack with appointments. I love being busy doing makeup all day. Art is such a fantastic thing to create on a person.


All of the products I used on Jen (Ginger) from Kevyn Aucoin beauty line



Sonya is going to a wedding in New York, she shared with me what she was going to wear and how she will wear her hair. So that helped me to decide on the makeup look I wanted to give her plus a set of individual lashes to complete the look.

A Rainy Friday But A Fun Day At Warren Tricomi Salon in Greenwich, CT

The weather was horrible all day in Fairfield County but that didn’t stop the ladies in Greenwich, CT for coming to Warren Tricomi Salon to get their beauty needs taken care of like hair, makeup & nails. On a rainy day like today I love just doing makeup creating different makeup looks. I had a few good canvas to have fun with each getting a different makeup look.

Iryna before makeup look

Iryna after makeup look

Using Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Limelight in Ibiza on Iryna


With Rachael before & after look I removed everything she had on. She wanted me to keep the same colors so I did just that. I refreshed her skin by prepping her skin with Caudalie first then I applied makeup to a now more radiant, brighter and hydrated skin. The makeup brands that I used on Rachael were from Kevyn Aucoin, Stila Cosmetics, and Urban Decay.


My Lunch Date With My Girlfriend At Little Pub



Do you have girlfriends that you chat with a lot but getting together because of busy schedules is overdue. I’ve always said ‘Nothing Worth Having Is Easy” that’s with anything in life including a great friendship.

Well, Bethani is my girl, she is my ride or die friend. She’s beautiful, she’s glamxurious, she’s a business woman that knows her shit, she’s a fashionista with a killer body & arms. Her love for dogs in need, and her love for makeup, beauty, and cocktails is everything I look for in girlfriends. We just have so much in common that I enjoy our time we have together.


Luv my Michael Kors sunglasses…can you see my purple highlights?

So my glow is Black Up Strobing Highlight Stick in Strobs 02 Medium 

On my way to meet up with Bethani I stopped to pick up sunflowers because I knew this would make her smile and bring joy to her day. Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity and that’s what our friendship means to me.

Bethani selected Little Pub in Ridgefield because it’s one of her many favorite places in Ridgefield. Because she lives in Ridgefield it was a location for us to meet up at because I’m always selecting Terra of Danbury. We talked so much that we could not finish our food. But I did get to try their crab cakes, they were delicious! So lucky to have a girlfriend like Bethani in my life.

What do you like to do with your bestie?





Beauty Editor Favorite Spring Items

Being a Beauty Editor for Caribeean Posh magazine  is the reason why I have to play with makeup, skincare, and hair products so that I can share with you what’s really good out there. So in this month Power Issue of Caribbean Posh magazine I’m sharing my favorite spring makeup items. Here are my favorites, did any of your favorites make my list?

1. NYX Cosmetics Ombre Blush in Code Breaker

2. Tom Ford Sheer Cheek Duo in Paradise Lust

3. Black UP Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Fuschia Pink 

4. Huda Beauty EyeShadow Palette in Rose Gold Edition 

5. L’OREAL Paris Color Riche La Palette in Lip Pink

6. Absolute New York Icon Palettes


What Did You Do For Your Favorite Guy On Father’s Day

Yesterday was perfect, I could not have asked for a better Father’s Day for my husband. Everything the kids and I planned went accordingly even the weather was perfect. My husband Michael is a very simple guy he doesn’t like a big production like myself. He prefer things simple but of great quality. So we managed to provide him with everything he enjoy including us on yesterday. His day of goodies were sports apparel, wine & spirits, cigars, and world class chuck steaks while sitting on the deck listening to his eclectic playlist of music.

While in the city all week working on Friday I picked up at Ceriello Fine Foods some chuck steaks. They have the best butcher to me for Prime Aged Beef. Whenever I know we are going to go out on the deck and grill one of Michael fav is chuck steaks. In between you and I, I think he used some of that Trader Vics as a glaze. #justsayin 

Michael ended the evening finishing off both bottle of The MacallanThe Original Trader Vics Macadamia Nuts Liqueur. Well, we helped him with that Trader Vics. Ladies, it’s is an exquisite flavor of Hawaiian macadamia nuts with a roasty touch of vanilla that I found to be perfect alone and with ice cream and probably coffee. So you may want to pick up a bottle for yourself, I know I’m going to.

What did you do for your father on Father’s Day?

Summer Cocktails At Terra Danbury On The Patio

img_2399Both Johnny and myself have really busy Saturday’s so we always luv to catch up to chat makeup, hair, & fashion. We are both slated at two luxurious upscale salons in Greenwich, CT so after work we met up at our favorite place, Terra Danbury inside Hotel Zero Degrees in Danbury. The weather was perfect for spending time out on the patio enjoy their patio cocktails. A perfect hangout for adults who just want to enjoy a late afternoon out. We enjoy coming here because the staff always give such great service and their drinks and food is always delectable.  You know I’m very selective about where I spend my personal time. They have been able to capture that posh aura that I get when I’m in the city.



I order the FOREST FLOOR and Johnny order the DANBURY SOCIAL. Both drinks were very mouthwatering that we ordered a few on that evening.




How Did You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo 

​​​It started out not looking to good because we had such horrible rain here in Connecticut. I’m a GOMEZ, I know, I know I don’t look like one but I am, so Cinco de Mayo is a big deal to me. Because I was teaching my Beauty Blueprint class here in Connecticut I knew that I would be celebrating Cinco de Mayo at home until I saw Terra Danbury posting on Instagram a few weeks ago. So we RSVP’d and was elated about it until May 5th. The crew met up at the restaurant about 5pm and the party began. Thanks Hotel Zero Degrees for hosting a great party. Being from New Orleans, hubby and I are use to partying until the sun comes up. We’re getting old so we couldn’t hang that long but we managed to stay until 10:45 pm. Johnny & Randy was the last to leave, I think they put in another hour…yes indeed.

Our drinks of choice was lots and lots of margarita’s & mojito’s until they were out so we moved on to prosecco while the guys hit the beer & hard stuff. So Randy came up with this brilliant idea to order about 7+ orders of truffle fries so that we would not wake up with a hangover the next morning.

​Next year if you’re in the area definitely spend your Cinco de Mayo at Terra Danbury. As you can see my friends and I had a fantastic time!

​Ladies, Stephanie the bartender makes a MEAN drink so definitely go see her at Terra Danbury.  So now that you know how it went down for me how did you party that evening?

* Boy, was Randy correct, I woke up the next morning not feeling ill at all. So if you go out order truffle fries if you plan on drinking. 

What’s Your Favorite Spring Lip Color

​I love spring time not just for the beautiful weather but for all the beautiful makeup palettes. Pink lip shades is my signature color to wear so I think I found my one from Absolute New York. The color that I’m wearing in the video is Intense Lip Polish in Pink Rose. Do you like? So I shared my favorite spring lip color what’s yours?

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