A Photoshoot & Brunch On A Beautiful Saturday in NYC

img_1189Sometimes my work days can be very glamxurious, well today is one of those days. I started doing makeup on Jamielyn around 8am at Arlo SoHo Hotel.  Jamielyn needed new headshots for her new restaurant in New Orleans so she asked me to beat her face again. Photographer Karl Ault who is based out of both Brooklyn and New Orleans arrived to the hotel around 10am. Right after the photoshoot we headed out because Jamielyn had made reservation for  brunch at the fabulous SoHo restaurant Hundreds Acres. It was such a beautiful day that we were able to walk to the restaurant.

You all know how much I’m obsessed with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Whenever I can find a Krispy Kreme location I would order a dozen just for myself, OMG and if it’s warm I might go in for a second dozen. Well guess what, I found something just as delicious. Hundreds Acres have on their brunch menu something so fantastic that I have to share with you. It’s their Hundred Acres Donut, it’s an orange glaze that’s crushed with hazelnut and dukkah spice. OMG, I never enjoyed anything like this before. Don’t sleep on the frozen yogurt pop, its strawberry yogurt with granola and catskill honey. If your in the SoHo area please make a stop to Hundred Acres and asked to sit outside in the garden and make sure you have your camera ready for selfies.


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