My Lunch Date With My Girlfriend At Little Pub



Do you have girlfriends that you chat with a lot but getting together because of busy schedules is overdue. I’ve always said ‘Nothing Worth Having Is Easy” that’s with anything in life including a great friendship.

Well, Bethani is my girl, she is my ride or die friend. She’s beautiful, she’s glamxurious, she’s a business woman that knows her shit, she’s a fashionista with a killer body & arms. Her love for dogs in need, and her love for makeup, beauty, and cocktails is everything I look for in girlfriends. We just have so much in common that I enjoy our time we have together.


Luv my Michael Kors sunglasses…can you see my purple highlights?

So my glow is Black Up Strobing Highlight Stick in Strobs 02 Medium 

On my way to meet up with Bethani I stopped to pick up sunflowers because I knew this would make her smile and bring joy to her day. Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity and that’s what our friendship means to me.

Bethani selected Little Pub in Ridgefield because it’s one of her many favorite places in Ridgefield. Because she lives in Ridgefield it was a location for us to meet up at because I’m always selecting Terra of Danbury. We talked so much that we could not finish our food. But I did get to try their crab cakes, they were delicious! So lucky to have a girlfriend like Bethani in my life.

What do you like to do with your bestie?





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