My Fabulous Day At The Wendy Williams Show

img_1731Every morning at 10am I watched the Wendy Williams show and if I’m working, I set my DVR and I watch her when I get home regardless of what time of the night it is because I have to get my Wendy Williams fix.  She’s definitely my friend in my head, I even talk back to her like we having a private conversation during “HOT TOPICS”. I have to support my friend, whether it’s watching her show or fighting her battles on The Shaderoom. I’m here for my girl,  she just don’t know it.

So you can imagine how I felt when she fainted last year, when she was out sick due to her health and had to have other guest hosts on the show. I was miserable, I was devastated, I wanted her to know that she has a team of both women and men that loves on her. That she’s not alone.


As many of you know that I will be in Hawaii full time starting at the end of the month. Because of this reason I had to hurry to go see Wendy Williams before leaving. Hubby said he would go with me because he know how much I admire Wendy. So off we go to the city. For us it’s a 1 hour and 43 mins drive to the city. I usually take the train which is longer, 2 hours and then add on another 23 mins to drive home.


So upon arriving at 12 noon there was already a line forming outside the studio, all of today’s CO-HOST was friendly and dressed to the nines. Her staff was professional and very efficient. So once you get through security they bring you to the holding room/waiting area. You’re giving a sheet with suggested questions to ask Wendy. We didn’t see anything that we wanted to ask or had questions about. On the sheet at the bottom they tell you that you can create your own question if you didn’t see one above. So, a CO-HOST saw us struggling with what question can we ask of Wendy. So, she stared coming up with questions and finally after about 15 of her suggestions we went with a topic about our daughter who’s 26 years of age who recently moved out. So, Michael writes the question down and I write down a question about our 21 year old son. Guess who get called, Michael (lmao). His face was priceless, so he went to talk with Wendy’s team then I get called to the back. So, they ask if we could come back for another segment and that the producer would be in touch. Well, with our tight timeline, I hope it happens.


So we go back to our seat, shortly after they started calling the CO-HOST’S by their seating sections. We were seated in section W. As you enter you can hear the music bumping and I mean bumping. DJ Boof had me thinking I was at the club getting my Happy Hour own. Shit, I was looking for a waitress to ask for a glass of champagne. Once we got to our sections, one of the producers asked me to sit on the end so I did. Then once in my seat you know I had to pull out the camera to take selfies and check my makeup and hair. Shortly after Marco G, came out to hype everyone up and to select peeps to come up to entertain us with their best dance moves. That damn Marco G, is a mess! He has the best personality EVER. The shit that comes out his mouth, (smh).


Queen Wendy comes out with her bodyguard who follows her every step. She looks amazing and she has great skin! All of us CO-HOST screamed and chanted our ass off when she walked through those doors.  The show is filmed and the same order as you see it on television. Yes, the studio is cold, so I listened and wore a denim jacket because my dress was sleeveless and my back was out. But I wanted a bright color dress to wear with my new lipstick color “Bougie” from my makeup line Entitled Beauty. Plus, I didn’t want a Lupus flare so I kept my jacket on the entire show.


We were on last Friday show and the special guest was Sherri Shepherd. The show was everything I could ask for. The only thing that was missing was the cocktails. We wrapped about 3:45pm and headed back to Connecticut.








While stuck in traffic I had a great time making “How You Doin” videos. On our way home we were both HANGRY, so we stopped for dinner at Brio. We got there for 6pm and was silent as we enjoyed our meal and our course COCKTAILS.


If you’re a Wendy Williams fan definitely get tickets to go see her. It was a great experience. LOVE YOU WENDY WILLIAMS!



Hawaii Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Brandy is located on Oahu island in Ewa Beach but you can find her working doing makeup in Kapolei. Being a top influencer & blogger don’t be surprised to see her writing beauty articles and taking selfies for her 60K followers on Instagram on the beautiful beaches in Honolulu…and YES, there are black people living in Hawaii. 



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