Do You Think Kim Kardashian West Is More Than A Triple Threat

Kim Kardashian West

On today’s video podcast of “Just Girlfriends” our topic is about the Queen of Beauty & Social Media, Kim Kardashian West and the Kardashian Culture. Kim is more than a triple threat. She doesn’t get the credit she deserves but for her fans, she’s proven to be a powerhouse. KKW has taken a challenging situation and created an empire. That’s a BOSS and a beautiful one at that. Now, for some this topic could get heated more heated then us talking about Spanking vs Time Out this week. Enjoy today’s podcast and we would love to hear your thoughts. 👑 👑 👑


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2 Replies to “Do You Think Kim Kardashian West Is More Than A Triple Threat”

  1. She is definitely a woman that doesn’t get credit for what she has done. You’re probably correct that everyone is hung up on a sex tape like she’s the only woman in the world who was in one. We have Playboy magazines and lots of rated R films where women many put on a pedestal has been seeing do more.

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