Makeup Monday: Sharing My Foundation While Living With Lupus

Everyday I get told in person, by email or through social media I wanna be like you.  I always respond with “No You Don’t”. Many always see the glam side of my life working as a makeup artist with celebrities but never the ugly side. Being that it’s Lupus month I decided this month I’ll show you both worlds. I’m finally showing you my real foundation what make me look flawless everyday. Like many women we put on a facade going through whatever challenges it takes to get through the day. My challenge is lupus, every time I share that I have lupus it’s always hard for people to believe because I don’t look sick from a far but if you ever look in my eyes then you will see pass the hair, makeup and smile. Hopefully my strength of allowing you in my real life will help you understand what lupus is. How this auto immune disease effects me and others living with it. 


Starting today living with lupus will no longer be a silent disease. If you know of anyone with lupus I need you to do one thing, be understanding with them. I can never express how everyday is a challenge, you never know what your going to get. One day you can wake up your age the next day your body can feel like a 90 year old person. On Monday you can be on social media taking tons of selfie but the next day you can’t get out of bed or worst you could be in the hospital fighting for your life. Having fun on Monday can cause a flare up that last for 3-4 days. 
So be understanding. Instead of being angry with your friend for canceling a girls night out, or whatever the situation is how about doing something nice for them especially if your friend have kids. Maybe order them a pizza because trust if they are having a flare up they can’t get out of bed to cook for their kids. Be creative, be supportive, not everybody with lupus have understanding people around them. Life is hard & living with lupus is harder. 
See you bye & luv you mean it!!!

Lupus: Having A Bad Flare Up

After a fun filled day of shooting outside at Yale University yesterday, today I’m home in bed all day with a flare up. The weather in Hartford, CT was not as sunny as it was at home so on our way back I had a coughing episode. I was praying that it wouldn’t happen plus it didn’t help that my inhaler was empty. When my body has a flare up like this all I want is hot tea, no food no snacks. With a lot of my meds my body does ok with just tea in my system. So I’ll remain wrapped up under my electric blanket until tomorrow.
I’m to tired & in pain to type…See You Bye & Luv You Mean It!