Happy Mother’s Day Ladies & Happy World Lupus Day

Ending my night writing this small blog post while in bed. I had such an amazing day with my 2 babies. Michael (hubby) woke me up before leaving for work, he gave me my gifts. Jordan (son) came in got in bed with me to watch one of my favorite film; Dances With Wolves. Envy (daughter) came home this afternoon bearing gifts and that’s when we started our celebration. The thing is what we did today is normal especially when I’m able to have both Envy & Jordan home;. I’m a lucky mom because my kids love being in my company. They treat me very well and holidays is never really special because we vowed to love each other hard everyday and not just holidays. 
My beautiful babies, Envy Jewel & Jordan Armani
The only thing that’s different is celebrating World Lupus Day. Just do me a favor support anyone you know with Lupus. In when I say support I’m not saying with money but being their for them. First thing google Lupus and find out exactly what lupus does to your friend. Then you can figure out how best you can be their for them. 
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