My Auto Immune Is Better When Grounding And Earthing

Lately, I been spending a lot of time grounding on the beach. At least 3 times a week walking barefoot in the sand. I always noticed how well I felt when I was on the beach. In the morning my body is like the tin man, I’m so stiff and achy that it takes some time for my body to warm up. But 15 mins in on the beach, I find my body starts to feel good, I’m actually running around. No pain, no discomfort of any sort not even wheezing. On my beach days, I also noticed at night that my husband doesn’t need to tap my back. The inflammation in my back and on my wrist seem to go down and I sleep all night. The next morning, I wake up early and feel well rested. I’m seeing a pattern of this and decided to do some research.

When you have auto immune diseases like myself, I have 4 of them, you will understand when I say we’re always looking for ways to heal our bodies. In what I found I was experiencing is called Grounding and I went in hard wanting to know everything about it.

Grounding is also called earthing, and it’s a therapeutic technique that involves you doing activities that electrically reconnect you to the earth. Activities like walking barefoot, being in water, laying on the ground, and using grounding equipment. I haven’t purchased any because of my beach access here in Hawaii.

The great thing about Grounding is it’s free! You don’t have to order it online you don’t have to go to a luxe spa to receive this service. You can just walk out your door to the mailbox barefoot. You can go in your yard and just step on the grass. If you live near a beach you can go in walk around. It’s great for babies and kids. Get them out of those hard shoes and let their little feet run around free. Watch how relax they will be when they go inside. Definitely helps with crying. Give your body 30 mins barefoot and watch how well you feel. If you want to do it longer definitely go for it.

I just wanted to share this information because I found so much relief from it. If you’re reading this please share it with someone who’s dealing with any auto immune diseases, chronic pains and any other stress or anxiety issues. I think I want to do my sessions with my clients on the beach to help them as we go deep in conversations. This technique can help calm them.

Thanks for stopping by, Namaste 🙏🏾

Wearing A Face Mask Is Killing Me Because Of My Asthma

I feel like crap but I feel crap everyday because of my Lupus so on Friday I thought it was just a regular day. I knew I would be driving with ALOHA so I left for work early so I could give myself time to get there on time. As I sat in my car I knew I did not have enough energy to get out the car. I decided to check my pressure to see what it was looking like. I carry my mobile machine with me and I check it in the morning and again when I’m on lunch.

I manage to make it inside to work but not for long. Before I knew it I was helped to one of the managers office with two coworkers holding me up. My body was shutting down. I managed to call my doctor and she advised me to go to the ER because of my heart being irregular. My husband was called and I was taken to the hospital near my home. One that I’ve been to before where they have my records in the system.

At the hospital I was checked in outside, the typical questions and the wellness check was given. I was wheeled straight in after my pressure was taken. They started working very fast on me with; Basic Metabolic Panel, CBC w/diff, Part Throm Time (PTT), PRO BNP, Prothrombin Time (PT) Sedimentation Rate, Troponin T Gen performed 3 times, Urinalysis, Complete, Reflex to C & S, CT Head without contrast, EKG 12 LEAD, XRAY Chest AP Portable.

What I found out was that my body has been struggling since I returned back to work on July 6th. Struggling from wearing a mask everyday at work. Because of my Lupus, Asthma, RA, and having high blood pressure I wear a mask in sometimes gloves at work to stay safe because of my health, being that I have a compromised immune system. Wearing a face mask for 5 -6 days a week for many hours a day I’m not getting enough oxygen to my brain. So my heart and lungs has been working hard and on Friday it had enough. I noticed some chest pains, difficulty breathing, getting dizzy, and feeling confused but I thought it was perimenopause since I’m 50, so I over looked it. I didn’t think it was because of me wearing a mask.

So, what do I do?! I DON’T KNOW. Finding a job that I could work from home is going to be a challenge and I honestly don’t know where to begin. I’m just here stressing and I know I’m not supposed to be stressing but I need to figure out what can I do. Getting unemployment is out I’m still pending since March /April to receive. I’m actually nervous about having to put the damn thing back on but if I have to wear it I will because I have to work. If anyone have any ideas please share.


Hawaii Lupus Warrior Created Her Own Purple Lipstick For Lupus Awareness Month

Today I’m Feeling Entitled…Entitled Beauty

Today I woke up feeling ENTITLED…Entitled Beauty Cosmetics that is. As you may know I’m the Co-Founder to Entitled Beauty Cosmetics, it’s a mineral base makeup line. With the pandemic going on I am so glad that my makeup is mineral based. Being a Lupus warrior my body is very sensitive right now. Because I LOVE to wear makeup I need everything that touches my skin to be healthy. And Entitled Beauty Cosmetics is just that. 

We understand that everyone pockets are very lite and makeup lovers need their makeup. We decided to do 50% off of all lip items and 20% off everything else. Our $19.00 liquid lipsticks are now $9.50. This is a great opportunity to try out Entitled Beauty Cosmetics especially if you are someone with an auto immune. 

All Nighter Liquid Lipstick in “Get Naked”

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Social Class Eye shadows in ” Socialite, Rich Bitch and Broke A$$”

Spotlight Highlighters in “Pretentious and Resting Bitch Face”

*Our Spotlight Highlighters also work well as Eye Shadows.

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Living In Hawaii With An Auto Immune Disease


img_1290I’m so lucky to have a beach day everyday, that’s the plus to living in Hawaii. If you have never visited Hawaii, know that  Hawaiian beaches are absolutely breathtaking. You can just stare out at the ocean for hours in just enjoy the wonderful breeze.

I always find that when I’m feeling low like a flare up is coming on and my body /joints are hurting due to my Lupus I walk down to the beach. I’m so lucky that the beach is just a 3-4 minute walk for me. If  I’m having really low energy then I drive to the beach.

Since living here in Hawaii, I haven’t been having many flare up days. My body has really embraced this move. I wish all my Lupus Warriors and Auto Immune Warriors could make a move like I did to live better and be healthier. No more suffering like I did when living on the mainland, it’s really about finding the right environment. I’m not sure about you but before being diagnosed with Lupus, I didn’t know much about the environment and environmental issues and how the body reacts.

All of this Aloha Spirit has allowed me to live life again. I even cut back on some of the meds I was taken on the mainland. My body has not reacted negatively since living here in Hawaii. It’s only been 4 months but I can definitely see an improvement. I’ve learned what my triggers are so I’m aware of what will cause a flare up and I do my best to keep it from happening. With stress being one of the things that cause my flare ups that includes negative and stressful people I now keep them away.

With Hawaii being a summer state all year round and because I am photosensitive I make sure I cover up as much as possible. I do find that I get drained if I’m out in the sun. So, I make sure I go out later in the day when the sun has gone down on beach days. Because of the sun, I’m still tired and I have joint pains everywhere. I do take CBD Hemp Oil to help with my joint pains. And sunscreen is major, I don’t leave the house without using it on my body. I also make sure that my foundation have SPF cuz everything helps.

Overall, this move has been one of the best things I could have done to help my body. I’m never leaving Hawaii, I have got my life back and life is good.


Honolulu Hawaii Lifestyle Blogger and Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Brandy is located on Oahu Island but you can find her working doing makeup in Waikiki, Waipahu, Waikele, and Kapolei. Being Hawaii top social media influencer & a Hawaii blogger don’t be surprised to see her writing beauty articles anywhere in Hawaii and taking selfies for her 60K followers on Instagram on the beautiful beaches in Honolulu or Haleiwa…and YES, there are black people living in Hawaii. 

We Moved From The Mainland To Hawaii

img_2882Yes, you read the title correctly. The Gomez-Duplessis is now residing in Honolulu Hawaii on the island of Oahu in Ewa Beach. I know it’s still so surreal to us that we’re here and not on vacation, that we will now be calling Hawaii home.

Everything happened very fast, God gave me the directions and from my bed I was able to set everything up. As you know I have Lupus, RA, Lyme, and Asthma. My lungs has been my biggest challenge the last few years and very swiftly they started shutting down. I was on that damn breathing machine so much was going through my 2 inhalers very fast. Couldn’t leave my house had to stay in one room being isolated from everyone was the worse.

Having double pneumonia and hearing the doctors saying stroke and I’m now on a stretcher, shirt being open and wires placed everywhere was the icing on the cake for me but more for my husband. Hearing him say “WE NEED YOU” and seeing his eyes I knew it was getting bad. Right after he started talking about moving to Arizona.  But nothing bit for him, but he did get a bite from a company that said “we would love to relocate you to Hawaii”. Then it happened, he was offered the position and I was on the computer, doing a lot of virtual house tours, and calling shipping companies for the car and furniture. Then having open house going on and packing like it all happened in 1 month basically.


We have never been to Hawaii, so we didn’t know what to expect. But God made this transition so easy that I know it was the right move for us. Now, getting here was our only challenge. The weather in NY was horrible so our flight was first delayed for many hours than finally cancelled. It took us 2 days to get to our new home but we made it safe and we now have all 9 of our luggages that was sent to LAX.

I can’t wait to share pictures with you and I think I want to start doing video blogs. I just don’t know how to edit them. So, this is my first video so please don’t be to hard on me. Yes, I will still work doing what what I do best and that’s makeup. I actually start working on June 11th. I did lots of digital interviews and calls last month so life will be back to normal just in PARADISE…ALOHA

Honolulu Hawaii Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Brandy is located on Oahu island in Ewa Beach but you can find her working doing makeup in Waikiki, Waipahu, and Kapolei. Being a top influencer & blogger don’t be surprised to see her writing beauty articles and taking selfies for her 60K followers on Instagram on the beautiful beaches in Honolulu…and YES, there are black people living in Hawaii. 

Celebrity Makeup Artist And Beauty Blogger Moving From The Mainland To Hawaii


img_1666Today is a big day for the Gomez-Duplessis Family. We have shippers coming through all day to give us estimates for our move to Hawaii. This is the most expensive part of the move and the most stressful part as well. But at the end it’s going to all be worth it. Because I’m getting my health back. This is really the reason why we’re moving. My Lupus, RA and Asthma is kicking my ass up here so I need to be in a warmer climate with better air quality.

We decided to go with Hawaii Moving Pros to ship our furniture. Our Moving Coordinator from Hawaii Moving Pros has been very efficient and accessible throughout the entire planning.

So, how do you pack a 5 bedroom home and make it fit a pod for a studio/1 bedroom home? You need lots of alcohol and you cry, shit you need an entire bottle of alcohol. Let me tell you, this is so hard purging and deciding on what to ship to Hawaii. It’s not the same feeling when we lost the entire home to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans but it’s high on the emotion list. I tell you what, because of this move I’ve learned that we’re hoarders, no really. I think because of Hurricane Katrina that I try to keep everything pertaining to the kids, my husband and all of my achievements and awards. The great thing is I can just google myself to see things that I’ve done. So, when I look at it that way, it makes it easier to throw away things away about myself. 

My Soul Sista Buddha, we don’t know yet if she’s able to travel with us due to her size.

I have managed to do a lot online with setting up the family lifestyle for success. Things like digital interviews with Field Executives for Estée Lauder, virtual tours of the house with Angela our Leasing Professional, getting eRenterPlan Insurance, and setting up cable/wifi service with Spectrum. The next thing we have set up is for Queen B, my car to be picked up this week.


I’m a fan of Z Gallerie home decor and stylish chic furniture store so I have a lot of great pieces from there especially wall art and large wall mirrors. I’m not ready yet to part from any of my things from Z Gallerie but unfortunately I have to. Because it’s costing me so much to ship my really big pieces. So, on Saturday, I’m giving them away to a few families from Columbia who just moved to Connecticut. So I know they will appreciate these fab pieces but it’s going to be hard to part from them.

I’m not shipping any of our outdoor living set up either. In Hawaii we will have a nice yard to start all over with so thinking about that project make it easier to say goodbye. I’ll be able to plant exotic flowers and have more trees and even a beach to enjoy daily.

So, if anyone from the mainland wants to know how we managed to move to Hawaii just shoot me a comment and I’ll answer them for you. I’ll continue to share about our Pro’s vs Con’s of moving to Hawaii and I’ll link the companies that we used along with feedback. This is going to be a great chapter in my book.



Hawaii Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Brandy is located on Oahu island in Ewa Beach but you can find her working doing makeup in Kapolei. Being a top influencer & blogger don’t be surprised to see her writing beauty articles and taking selfies for her 60K followers on Instagram on the beautiful beaches in Honolulu…and YES, there are black people living in Hawaii. 

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Do You Enjoy Your Lunch Date With Hubby

img_4996Finally, nice weather in Connecticut, so you know what that mean if you follow me and know my story. I’M FREE!!!!!! I get to come outside like a normal person without problems with my breathing. I couldn’t get dress fast enough and I skipped a lot of my makeup application because I didn’t want to miss a lunch date with hubby.

As always Michael prefer for me to select where we go because of my challenge with food. I hate it so much that it drives me crazy. I’m still learning what I can and cannot eat. I actually keep a journal with me so I try to remember and write down my reactions to something. For example, if I enjoyed a dish but have a reaction I write if its worth eating again by the reaction my body have. Crazy right, but I’m not ready yet to give up everything. Ice-Cream is my favorite snack and I’m not ready to give that up so I eat it only when I’m home and nothing major is planned the next day. So that my body can rest. So my note would say; Ice-Cream “coming up, lots of coughing, lots of mucus” So worth eating again. If I’m out without Michael I’ll text him where I am, he pulls up the menu on his phone and tell me what to order. Thank God he knows my food journal better than me.


Back to my lunch date. I selected Brio Tuscan Grille because we both love it over there. The ambience, the food, the service, and the prices. Because it was a beautiful day we knew the patio would be open to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having. In my mind this is what a gorgeous afternoon in Italy would feel like right about now. Wine was flowing, great conversation was had, and a lot of flirting was going on.



Bruschetta Sampler

We both order an entree to bring home for dinner so our date continued on the rest of the evening…next, NETFLIX & Chill!

Question, do you enjoy your dates before you were married or after marriage dates?



Hawaii Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Brandy is located on Oahu island in Ewa Beach but you can find her working doing makeup in Kapolei. Being a top influencer & blogger don’t be surprised to see her writing beauty articles and taking selfies for her 60K followers on Instagram on the beautiful beaches in Honolulu…and YES, there are black people living in Hawaii. 

With Lupus You Have To Eat Healthy So Here Are My Personal Food Tips



I’m what LUPUS look like. When you have an invisible illness, chronic illness or any form of an autoimmune disease you look like me, regular and yet very ill. One of the many things that I had to change once I diagnosed with Lupus was my horrible way of eating. I’ve eaten bad my entire life especially with my crazy schedule traveling with celebrities, and working long hours. So now, I eat like a damn rabbit. When I’m out sometimes it can be tough finding food that I can eat. My body has such an attitude that it instantly have a bad reaction that can trigger a flare up that will last for days, so I have to be very smart about what I eat when I’m away from home. Yesterday while out I stopped in for the first time at Café Oo La La & Catering, I was pleasantly surprised to see two of my favorite new items to eat, celery sticks and carrots.


There is no special diet for lupus, despite numerous claims on the Internet. You should try to eat a nutritious, high in fiber, and varied diet that contains plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, raw vegetables, whole grains and a moderate amounts of meats, poultry, and fatty fish. Fatty fish can also counteract inflammation in your body. Eat foods high in calcium. The drugs we used to control our Lupus can have major side effects, such as making our bones more brittle. So, you need to eat lots of foods that are high in both vitamin D and calcium to boost our bone strength. Leafy green vegetables, like broccoli and spinach, cheese, yogurt, and low-fat or fat-free milk products. You can also take calcium supplements, but their absorption may not be as high.


I’m still struggling with learning different food choices that I write in a journal what trigger food to avoid if I have a bad reaction I’ll know what I can eat. Every Lupus Warriors body is different so take your time to learn what works for you. What I was able to eat 3 months ago sometimes it will give me a challenge today. Be patience with your body as you know having Lupus is a challenge everyday.

See Ya Bye And Luv You Mean It

Oh, I’m wearing makeup from my own makeup line Entitled Beauty Cosmetics, a luxurious mineral makeup brand.





New Orleans Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Gomez-Duplessis is a wife and a mother of 2 adult kids. She also has a home in Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. In 2014, Brandy was diagnosed with Lupus, Lyme & RA. She uses her platform to help bring awareness about her health.


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