Makeup Review On PUR Cosmetics

How many of you makeup lovers and bloggers use PUR Cosmetics? If you never heard of the brand here is a fun makeup review video to watch. Why? Because on Makeup And Martini’s NYC we are reviewing not 1 but 2 eye shadow palettes from PUR Cosmetics today. Give us 16 mins 42 seconds of your time to watch this fun video on Makeup And Martini’s NYC. I promise you will learn a fun makeup tip, trick, or something from us and after watching wanting to go buy one of the palettes at Ulta Beauty.

Palette 1: PÜR PRO Palette X Etienne $42.00

Palette 2: PÜR My Little Pony Palette $29.00

Let me know what you think of Makeup And Martini’s NYC….see ya bye & luv u mean it!

Connecticut Bloggers Makeup Review On Rihanna FENTY BEAUTY


With so many makeup brands out there, what’s the big deal about music artist Rihanna new makeup line Fenty Beauty. Fenty Beauty launched with 40 shades from very pale to very dark with their ultimate PHOTO FILT’R foundations. It’s one of their most talked about items. Usually makeup brands start off with lighter shades of foundation then every few years they add on darker shades. Well, Fenty Beauty has shouted from the mountain top that they are here for ALL WOMEN of all shades.

Finally a makeup company that embraced all skin tones. Rhianna’s makeup is for all ages, all races, and for all sexes. Many people don’t seem to understand why it’s a big deal that every woman can now have a foundation that matches their skin tone perfectly. As I always say wearing the perfect foundation is like wearing the perfect bra.

Like many makeup lovers, we at Makeup and Martini’scould not wait to get our hands on a few items from Fenty Beauty. Guess what! We did. So, we did a video of us playing with the makeup. During the video I tested the products on both Johnny and myself.

photo credit: Johnny Luoma

Fenty Beauty is being sold at Sephora, some of the items you can purchase now are: primer, foundations, matte skinsticks, shimmer skinsticks, highlighters, contour skinsticks, luminizers, brushes, blotting powder and blotting paper.

Check out Makeup and Martini’s makeup review video by clicking here.

Have you tried Fenty Beauty yet? If so, share with me what you purchased and what you think about it?

Makeup & Martini’s NYC Makeup Review On Stila Cosmetics

img_7405We are back at it again with our 2nd episode of our makeup video Makeup And Martini’s NYC. I am so elated to share with you a gifted box of makeup from Stila Cosmetics on this segment. I am such a fan of Stila and I also want to share with you that I was a Stila rep back in 2011. I’m still such a fan of the brand and I use a lot of Stila products when on set because I LOVE STILA! So, today Johnny and I will share with you some of the products that was sent to me. Because I’m a die hard fan I am familiar with some of the items but Johnny is new to Stila so I’m delighted to watch Johnny play and fall in love with Stila.

If any of you have ever been around Johnny and myself you know all we do is drink and talk makeup, makeup, makeup when together! So Johnny had this fun idea that we should just turn the camera on and just let whatever happens, happens. Well, this is what we’re doing. We not trying to be similiar to anyone just being us having fun. Because we both have a sassy personality we really never know what will come out of our mouth so put on your seat belt and sit back enjoy the foolishness that we bring while sipping on our Finlandia Vodka.

Here is the list of the items we were playing with in the video from Stila Cosmetics.

*Stay All Day Foundation +Concealer

*Heaven’s Hue Highlighter

*Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

*Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Palette

*Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

*Huge Extreme Lash Mascara

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The Life Of A Makeup Artist Who Does Video Blogs


I really enjoy been busy with a variety of things that pertains to my career. This morning started at 8am prepping for a second Skype interview from the team in London about my upcoming speaking engagement.

I have worked so hard as a makeup artist in the beauty & entertainment industry for 20 years and the last few years I have looked at others avenues in the beauty industry like speaking at events about makeup & skincare. So when I receive emails and calls about speaking and educating others it’s a dream come true because as I have gotten older I am looking to stay in the beauty industry but I’m now ready to educate others more whether it’s aspiring makeup artists and/or consumers.


The call went very well I was able to get all of my questions answers and we went over my time frame, topics, and products needed. After the call I headed out to meet up with Johnny to film our second makeup video for Makeup & Martini’s NYC. I feel that the second video was so much easier and felt really good because I once again love to teach so I was able to show a little of that on the second video. I can’t wait for you all to see it on Friday.

Recently, I was gifted with a box of goodies from one of my favorite makeup brands so I waited to open the box of goodies with you all. We also took still pics for content to use on our Instagram page as well. If you haven’t followed us yet please do when you get a chance. Once again thanks to Finlandia Vodka for supporting us with products and our cute Finlandia martini glasses.

Behind The Scenes pic while filming Makeup and Martini’s NYC 

Can I tell you how much hard work goes into this whole world of video blog. For now we are the producers, the directors, the lighting people, the camera people, wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, and bartender. Poor Johnny has the hard part he does all the editing. This is why all of those 100’s of videos I have of myself on my computer and hard drive just sit there is because I don’t have the patience for editing. So I am grateful for having Johnny cuz he handles all of the social media as well.

After filming we discuss our next week topic. So that we can have current content for you all.

Don’t forget to tune in on tomorrow to see our second video. Thanks Guys!



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Makeup And Martini’s NYC Makeup Review On Pat McGarth Labs Lust Matte Trance

This is a fun blog post because the content was so much fun to do. Johnny and I have been flirting for some time now to do a makeup review video. Being in the makeup industry for 20 plus years I only know how to do is the artistry and not making videos. So it’s good to have someone who is stronger with technology. I have filmed numerous of videos of myself but when it comes to editing I suck at it. So they never get posted.  I’m excited about recycling the name Makeup & Martini’s, it was one of my theme’s at my makeup studio in New Orleans years ago. To bring back Makeup & Martini’s with a twist is actually pretty cool. So welcome Makeup & Martini’s NYC!


The first makeup review is on products by an amazing makeup artist Pat McGrath. If I am going to do this new venture then it had to be on something fabulous from a woman that I admire very much. Her newest makeup items from Pat McGrath Labs  is called Lust Matte Trance Trio.  Johnny purchased the trio called Vicious Venoms, they are dark like channeling your dark side. Think vampy gothic meets glamour. Here’s the video to see for yourself what the lipcolors look like on.

We just went for it, NO editing just one take so that it could be us being us. I hope you enjoy and support. Also, I would like to thank Finlandia Vodka for supporting me once again with vodka & glassware and to my daughter Envy for providing us with music. Most of all to Johnny for pushing me to do something that I would probably never have gotten around to do…can’t wait to film our second video. Also, follow us on Instagram at @makeupandmartinisnyc 

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