Connecticut Bloggers Makeup Review On Rihanna FENTY BEAUTY


With so many makeup brands out there, what’s the big deal about music artist Rihanna new makeup line Fenty Beauty. Fenty Beauty launched with 40 shades from very pale to very dark with their ultimate PHOTO FILT’R foundations. It’s one of their most talked about items. Usually makeup brands start off with lighter shades of foundation then every few years they add on darker shades. Well, Fenty Beauty has shouted from the mountain top that they are here for ALL WOMEN of all shades.

Finally a makeup company that embraced all skin tones. Rhianna’s makeup is for all ages, all races, and for all sexes. Many people don’t seem to understand why it’s a big deal that every woman can now have a foundation that matches their skin tone perfectly. As I always say wearing the perfect foundation is like wearing the perfect bra.

Like many makeup lovers, we at Makeup and Martini’scould not wait to get our hands on a few items from Fenty Beauty. Guess what! We did. So, we did a video of us playing with the makeup. During the video I tested the products on both Johnny and myself.

photo credit: Johnny Luoma

Fenty Beauty is being sold at Sephora, some of the items you can purchase now are: primer, foundations, matte skinsticks, shimmer skinsticks, highlighters, contour skinsticks, luminizers, brushes, blotting powder and blotting paper.

Check out Makeup and Martini’s makeup review video by clicking here.

Have you tried Fenty Beauty yet? If so, share with me what you purchased and what you think about it?

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