Makeup Review On PUR Cosmetics

How many of you makeup lovers and bloggers use PUR Cosmetics? If you never heard of the brand here is a fun makeup review video to watch. Why? Because on Makeup And Martini’s NYC we are reviewing not 1 but 2 eye shadow palettes from PUR Cosmetics today. Give us 16 mins 42 seconds of your time to watch this fun video on Makeup And Martini’s NYC. I promise you will learn a fun makeup tip, trick, or something from us and after watching wanting to go buy one of the palettes at Ulta Beauty.

Palette 1: PÜR PRO Palette X Etienne $42.00

Palette 2: PÜR My Little Pony Palette $29.00

Let me know what you think of Makeup And Martini’s NYC….see ya bye & luv u mean it!

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