A Real Simple Weekend Makeup Look

The weekend can be just as busy as the weekdays especially Saturday mornings. Who has the time to do a full face of makeup while juggling with the kids, the dogs, running errands, going to the gym and grocery store. Here are 5 beauty items that you can use that is real simple to help get you out the door…QUICK!

  1. Beauty Blender-Make sure it’s damp before using.
  2. Jane Iredale Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer-A hydrating, lightweight, water-resistant tinted moisturizer with SPF 15.
  3. Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara– Natural-looking, extra-long lashes that are thick and feathery that will command attention wherever you go.
  4. Jane Iredale Bronzer Refill– Complementary shades that can be worn on the eyes, cheeks and lips to contour and highlight for a luxurious look.
  5. Jane Iredale PureMoist Lipstick-A sheer blend that is nourishing with natural oils and superfruit extracts for petal‐soft lips that feel, look and taste amazing, #justsaying

If you’re in Connecticut you can purchase Jane Iredale mineral makeup at Whip Salon in Ridgefield, CT.

When You Want Fab Hair & Makeup Who You Gonna Call

When my girls come to get glam at Whip Salon by me I make sure they get glamxurious makeup & hair. If you live in Fairfield County and want to receive red carpet beauty experience like some of your favorite celebrities Whip Salon is the place in Ridgefield, CT. Not because I’m there, lol. At Whip Salon we have many hair stylists that can give you whatever look you can dream of. Brides, we also come on location during wedding season so make sure you come in to see us. Take a look for yourself to see what we can do with makeup & hair.

A Glam Morning With The Connecticut Housewives

This morning I had an early call time on location in Ridgefield, CT. I had 5 fabulous ladies to get makeup ready with lashes. Hair stylist Erin also from Whip Salon met me at the client home. I am only able to share with you the ladies getting hair & makeup ready because the other photos will be used. It was such a great day with the ladies that I felt like I was in the city. Our host Rebecca knows how to entertain and pamper her guest. I still don’t understand why the ladies in Connecticut don’t have a reality show. We wrapped the day around 2:30pm enough time for me to get ready for my No Makeup Makeup class tonight at Whip Salon.

My makeup goodies

Rebecca is up first

I luv that DYSON dryer. If you never gotten your hair dried with a Dyson dryer then your missing out. What it does to the hair…everything! We use them at Whip Salon but you have to request for it.

Getting Kim makeup ready. I luv when clients let me have my way with them

Rebecca face can wear any makeup look I give her

Going back in to finish up Rebecca makeup look. I decided to highlight her complexion a little bit more.

YASSSSS Rebecca…. that hair

Erin gave Andrea a little tousled curl

No Erin you cannot take Brooklyn home

Nikki has really good eye space so I couldn’t wait to have fun with them

Yes, the eyes coming out really good


Va Va Voom

Now it’s the little girls turn…

After Hours No Makeup Makeup Class At Whip Salon

My first makeup class of the year is No Makeup Makeup. Tonight makeup class surprised me because we had 13 ladies attend. We can only seat 12 so to have 13 attend I feel like I must repeat this class.  I wanted to offer this makeup class because it’s a makeup look that the housewives can do on a weekday. It’s a quick real simple makeup look that can be done in the morning. My model for the evening was Kassie Blaze who is one of my makeup muse.

I’m obsessed with using Beauty Blenders for almost everything

Finished my No Makeup Makeup look on model Kassie Blaze

Introducing the ladies to all of the different style of Beauty Blenders that we carry

Teaching how to apply product in the crease of the eyes

Showing the ladies what makeup brush to use

Reminding the ladies that their Beauty Blender should be damp

Showing how to use a Beauty Blender to apply a cream blush

Some of the Jane Iredale makeup used to create a NO MAKEUP MAKEUP look

Thanks ladies for attending!


Christmas Eve O’ Christmas Eve

My day started at the salon from 10am-3pm. It was a fun filled day with over 50+ appointments. Co-Owner Rebecca Sullivan Baglio of Romeo Baglio Design was my first client this morning. A girl always need makeup & lashes for the holidays right? Rebecca also gifted me with a bottle of Champagne & a bottle of Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath. She’s a girl that knows my heart, thanks Rebecca! My last client of the day was the fab Laura & Charlotte Cantwell. I always enjoy chatting with Laura, she’s a cool lady!

Before the day was over we had to do a Whip Salon photo shoot with the staff

Ended my evening sitting by the fireplace while sipping on wine. We waited for Envy to return home before we started our Christmas Eve celebration. By 11pm I was out that I didn’t help Michael wrap the kids gifts. So he was solo, thank goodness he’s reliable because I definitely dropped the ball.


It’s Flirty Friday Where Are You Getting Glam

It’s Flirty Friday Ladies, if you haven’t booked you Christmas & New Year’s makeup appointment just yet I’m still taking appointments for both glam days in Connecticut.

This is the perfect time of year when going all GLAMXURIOUS with makeup is ok. Plus, this is the time when you want a professional getting you ready. At Whip Salon we have made it so easy to book your appointments, you can either, book online or give us a call at 203-442-6444.



Yay…Our Beauty Blenders Are Here

I’ve been waiting for this package to arrive, and finally it’s here!

I’m so happy to announce Whip Salon is now selling Beauty Blender. Every makeup lover must have beauty tool.

What I love the most about using beauty blenders is that you don’t need face makeup brushes in your makeup bag. This cute pink sponge will give you a flawless makeup finish. We have the original, the white for sensitive skin, the black if you use dark colors and long wearing foundation, & the mini greens are great for concealers, highlighting & contouring.

Make sure you pick one up!


I Love Doing Face Charts For My Clients

Had a great time with my client Rebekkah Lavalley today at Whip Salon. I luv how her face looked and right after I felt like playing with a face chart. I haven’t done a face charts in months it’s time that I start doing them again cuz I’m getting rusty. I used all of Jane Iredale makeup on her to create this look. I always like when my clients come in and say give me bold eyes. So I did just that, I gave her soap opera eyes my favorite kind.

Do you like when your makeup artist give you a face chart?

I Love Doing Bridal Makeup

I really enjoyed this Sunday afternoon at Whip Salon. My highlight of the day was working with bride Michele Gerard and her sister-in-law Abi Leah. I really like that lately at the salon we have been getting a lot of brides coming in for hair & makeup. I luv weddings, I guess it’s the hopeless romantic in me. Michele was such a cool laid back bride, you would not have thought today was her wedding day.

For Michele I wanted to play up her eyes with lashes because I really wanted it to be all about her eyes with a dewy complexion and nude high glossy lips.

Abi was so cool, she’s from Amsterdam. Our conversation was like two old girlfriends. We covered so many topics in 45mins. I gave her a stronger eye with a soft pink lip.

What a fashionable group of ladies! #justsayin

Here are pics from Michele wedding that she sent over to me. #BEAUTIFUL

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