After Hours No Makeup Makeup Class At Whip Salon

My first makeup class of the year is No Makeup Makeup. Tonight makeup class surprised me because we had 13 ladies attend. We can only seat 12 so to have 13 attend I feel like I must repeat this class.  I wanted to offer this makeup class because it’s a makeup look that the housewives can do on a weekday. It’s a quick real simple makeup look that can be done in the morning. My model for the evening was Kassie Blaze who is one of my makeup muse.

I’m obsessed with using Beauty Blenders for almost everything

Finished my No Makeup Makeup look on model Kassie Blaze

Introducing the ladies to all of the different style of Beauty Blenders that we carry

Teaching how to apply product in the crease of the eyes

Showing the ladies what makeup brush to use

Reminding the ladies that their Beauty Blender should be damp

Showing how to use a Beauty Blender to apply a cream blush

Some of the Jane Iredale makeup used to create a NO MAKEUP MAKEUP look

Thanks ladies for attending!


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