Bridal Photo Shoot

So excited about today BRIDAL photo shoot. I think I over packed as usual with the makeup. I brought so much glitter, shimmer, lashes in gloss with me. This time I am serious “Do Not Let ME Buy Anymore Makeup”. I had so much stuff at home in makeup kits that I forgot all about. When I was packing my kit last night I found stuff that I have not used since I closed my makeup studio. I was like a newbie makeup artist first time going to a MAC or SEPHORA store in my own house just going through my personal stash. Crazy right?

The goal is to do 3-4 bridal makeup looks today. Because we are shooting in the studio all day we should be ok in not have to worry about weather. I will try to take as many behind the scene pics for you guys in tweet them with cool GLAM-A-GRAM as we go.

Ok guys, got gotta to work…

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