Month: April 2010

A Day at Couture Designer Harold Clarke

This afternoon I took my daughter Envy to get fitted for her prom dress. Because I wanted her to wear the best I knew her first dress had to be couture and from the best. I made an appointment for her to visit Couture Designer Harold Clarke showroom. A little over 13 years I have painted many faces…young, old, teens, young adults, models, celebrities, and many more. I have helped dress so many brides in today I was finally dressing my daughter for one of her big events in her life.

We really didn’t have a certain dress in mind because I wanted Mr. Clarke to select what he knew would be a perfect fit for Envy. Like back in the days Mr. Clarke just grabbed some materials in went to work just pinning the expensive fabric into an amazing dress.

Harold Clarke has dressed so many ladies for their special events; brides for their weddings, Mardi Gras balls, MISS USA, MISS TEEN, Red Carpet events, celebrities and so many more. To see him working on my ladybug made me tear up a lot.

Mr. Clarke was very satisfied with what he had put together at the first fitting, he grabbed his camera so later he could revisit the look to help him complete the dress on her next fitting. I love what he was able to do on just the first fitting. I must say my baby girl looks STUNNING!

Shimmering Campagne Nails for Your Destination Wedding

words by Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

Here comes the bride, sashaying down the aisle with her shimmering champagne nails. A fabulous neutral undertone bridal nail color that I think looks great on any hand is “Hardy Water Lily” by Priti NYC, glamxurious color that will enhance the bling on your hand and compliment your wedding day accessories. This silver gold polish is a perfect spring color for runways, the fashion page, or white sandy beaches and Priti NYC offers a variety of luxurious shades for any destination wedding. Make sure you paint your hands with one of their luxurious colors on your special day.

Priti NYC is an eco-friendly non-toxic nail polish founded by Kim D’Amato in 2005 to change the world one manicure at a time. Their polishes are named after flowers and plants. They are fast drying, chip resistant, and have a high shine.

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Big Easy Awards

Earlier this morning I had a photo shoot with Woman’s Day Magazine. But I had to make it back into New Orleans because my call time for The Big Easy Awards was for 4:30pm. Fashion stylist @jlscloset was a life saver by putting together my clothing. She had everything laid out for me at the office. The event took place at The Sugar Mill right across from the Convention Center. This was my third time working with Gambit Weekly doing hair & makeup for The Big Easy Awards. I always enjoy working with Gambit Weekly…Margo in the staff are always good to me. After a 16 hour day I was exhausted but had a great time.

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Veil Alternatives: Bridal by Ban.Do

The most glamluxurious hair accessories a bride can dream about has been seen gracing many Hollywood starlets on the red carpet. Jen and Jamie at, two eclectic stylists based out of Los Angeles create the most fancy hair accessories. Some of their pieces remind me of what Carrie Bradshaw would rock. If you wanna feel a little Carrie on your wedding day, I am sure you will find many fashionable couture vintage pieces that can be worn down the aisle.

BAN.DO – @shopbando girls just wanna have fun!

No. 24 (pictured above) $165
A halo of white silk ribbon wrapped wire adorned with a large silk spider mum and a spray of white feathers.

No. 110 (pictured above) $165
We created this gorgeous crystal applique after finding a similar vintage brooch in jen’s closet. The applique sits atop a satin headband.

No. 60 (pictured above) $95
For the greek goddess in you! Some call this spectacular beaded piece a feather and some call it a leaf . . . we call it AH-MAY-ZING! The piece sits atop a satin headband.

No. 115 (pictured above) $225
Can you say glam? Four unapologetically glamorous rows of Austrian crystal are finished with sparkly elastic to ensure a perfect fit. As Seen In LA Times beyond the veil.

No. 111 (pictured above) $130
A little corsage for your head. 3 darling off white silk flowers are hand sewn to a wire comb.

Words by New Orleans & Miami Celebrity Make-up Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

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Sex and The City 2 meeting

Today’s meeting was for The Sex and The City 2 Parties @whiskeybluenola next month. Jamielynn @jlscloset and I met inside The W. Hotel lobby. Miss Sassy @misssassy380 was suppose to meet up with us but last minute plans caused her to miss the meeting. The meeting went really well, Lisa @imnahay wit @whiskeybluenola was able to join us as well. I think we covered a lot on the first meeting.

Jamielynn in I had a few drinks after the meeting. I wanted Jamielynn to try my “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” that you can only get at Whiskey Blue New Orleans. I luv @barcardi Dragon Berry used with it. Its a great girl drink especially for the spring time.
Now I just have to come home in clean up all my makeup…as always before going out I always make a mess, it’s production…cocktails, hair, makeup everywhere :))))

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Drink Yourself Priti

Beautifying from within, eco-friendly Priti NYC introduces a limited edition
glass water bottle to its nail care line in celebration of Earth Day
Since it’s creation in 2005, Priti NYC has made it its mission to provide women with luxurious beauty products that help protect the environment‐one manicure at a time. This Earth Day, the renowned luxury and eco‐friendly nail polish brand has taken the idea of beautifying to the next level: starting from within. For a limited time, Priti NYC will be selling the Priti glass transportable water bottle in an effort to promote healthy habits for women and sustainability for the planet.

With over 4 billion water bottles ending up in land fills every year, encouraging the use of reusable water bottles seemed necessary for Priti NYC owner and founder, Kim D’Amato. “Our brand is continually finding new and innovative ways to bring the latest trends in nail polish, hand, and foot care to our customers, in the greenest and highest quality way possible”, said D’Amato. “ I loved the idea of taking this concept to the next level by encouraging women to drink more water, in a glamorous way that won’t contribute to the destruction of our environment.”

Made of maximum durability glass, the Priti Glass Water Bottle comes with a protective stainless steel cover that makes it highly unbreakable. It is also 100 % recyclable and indefinitely reusable, creating little impact on the environment. Glass drinking containers ensure a cleanliness that is not possible with plastic, but until now, have not been easily transportable. The bottles will be available for sale for a limited time on the company’s website at for $34.95.

In honor of Earth Day, Priti NYC has also teamed up with d_parture spa™, the renowned airport day spa concept. The spa chain has opened the world’s first and only eco‐friendly airport spa at Newark Liberty International Airport, which utilizes exclusively Priti NYC products for nail and foot care.

Priti NYC’s famous luxury nail polishes are all completely free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) and formaldehyde‐ known carcinogenic ingredients used in traditional nail polishes. Other products include a biodegradable soy nail polish remover, bath salts, and sugar scrubs for the hands and feet. The bottles used for packaging are also made of recycled materials and completely recyclable.

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The Bronzed Bride-How, What and Where Should It Go

Doesn’t matter if you are a blonde, brunette or a redhead, we all want that radiant bronze look. No more stained hands or baking yourself and the sun damaging your skin. For an instant beauty tan gratification that is healthy for you, I suggest using a bronzer to give a flawless Caribbean finish. If applied correctly bronzer can be a girl’s best friend. Even I don bronzer on my boogie down brown skin.

To create a natural goddess-like glow or a radiant sun kissed look just sweep a bronzer powder on the face, over your cheeks, eyes, shoulders, décolletage, or anywhere you dare to bare skin. Matte bronzers are great for the face and shimmer bronzers are great on the eyes, shoulders and body.

Some of my favorite bronzers are:

TheBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer, $19

Stila Stila Sun, $26

Smashbox Bronze Lights, $28

Josie Maran Bronzing Powder, $30

Lancome STAR BRONZER – Magic Bronzing Brush – Automatic Powder Brush for Face and Body, $33

On my bride I stroked her face with the Smashbox Bronze Lights. So, I won’t tell if you don’t tell where you received your tan…

Makeup By: Brandy Gomez-Duplessis with BGD Makeup Artistry
Wedding Photos by: Beebe Tran with Studio Tran

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French Quarter Festival with Family

Today was family day at The French Quarter Festival well at least for us. We thought this would also be a great day for Envy friend Justin to come hang out with us. That way we could all get to know each other. I was hoping that @misssassy380 was going to join us but she was with her BF at the French Quarter Festival and not mama so that was out since he is not a fan. Could not ask for better weather on this day. Envy had to warn Justin that pictures would be taken every 5 mins. But she forgot to warn him that I would run into somebody I know every 3 step I take….he teased me about that.
First stop for me was the Little Tokyo booth so I could get my PO-BOY ROLLS. I was out of luck so upsetting so I had to get something else on the menu but I did manage to get the Southern Comfort Mango Freeze.

Baby girl Jamielynn @jlscloset had plan to meet up with us plus she wanted to meet Envy friend in talk about the prom with her…Justin passed her test. He’s a great kid very well manner….I like him a lot!

Since my Southern Comfort Mango Freeze was so tiny I need to get another refresher. We went to get a daiquiri; Margarita & Peach Bellini mixed. We walked off our lunch so stopping for snacks wasn’t going to hurt. The kids all wanted Cafe Du Monde. After 5 hours of walking, eating, and drinking it was time to head home. French Quarter Festival was a success!

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French Quarter Festival with Hubby

After finish working with one of my favorite brides I went over to the office to meet up with hubby and we decided since we both finished up early enough we would go enjoy ourselves at the French Quarter Festival. Called Lane to see if he was at work @whiskeybluenola passed by to say hi since he’s two blocks away from the office. Always hard working of course so he couldn’t come out to join us on this beautiful day.

Lauren, one of the bartender at Whiskey Blue made me a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” it has @barcadi strawberry dragon berry in it. A flavor that helps to give it that girlie drink that I luv. So I took one for the road, as you know it’s New Orleans you can take it to go. We grabbed dinner at The French Quarter Festival, I got my favorite, PO-BOY ROLLS at the Little Tokyo booth. = “UA-3446372-1”;urchinTracker();

Easter Weekend in Florida

Since my schedule was very light this weekend I decided that this would be a perfect time to get away in enjoy some FAB time in Florida, my second home. I wanted to bronze up my boogie down brown skin for the beautiful spring weather. I luv when I am able to get a little quality time with the family. The only 2 people missing was @misssassy380 in her mother and @jlscloset was a few hours away somewhere else in Florida. I think everybody needed some beach in sun time. It was a needed weekend I enjoyed every GLAMXURIOUS minute of it.