Get Singer Lorde Vamp Lips With L’OREAL Paris HIP LipGloss = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();

I’ve been obsessing with the vampy lip once again and after seeing newcomer New Zealand singer and songwriter LORDE rocking her royal lips I knew I had to recycle my favorite L’OREAL Paris HIP lip gloss. A lot of women are afraid of this strong dark almost black lip color. If worn correctly with minimum makeup but with illuminating skin it’s a brilliant color on everyone. Especially if your already a fan of chocolate, wine and deep burgundy lipsticks.

I enjoy this color so much that I am always ready to use on models at photshoots. On set I remember when I pulled out this color a few people went silent but once on the model the vampy lip gave the entire look life. So what do I use to get this look, because I’m sure you want to know. I used L’OREAL Paris HIP Lipgloss in Ingenue #678 it’s my favorite. It’s one of their older colors but if you can find it, grab about 2 or 3, cuz this color will not disappoint.
My favorite all time lipgloss to achieveing that dark vampy lip is L’OREAL Paris HIP Lipgloss in #678
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