Have You Seen The New Nude Beauty Blender

If your a Beauty Blender Lover like myself you will be happy to know that another color has been added to the collection. The new Beauty Blender shade is now in NUDE! I have a video shoot tomorrow with Ralph Lauren Fragrances so I need to pick up a few. Any excuse to use the new Beauty Blender.

The NUDE will do the same as the original, it’s still a high definition sponge that will give a flawless airbrush makeup look. You can still use the sponge with any complexion makeup product of your choice.

Go pick yours up at Sephora, the best $20 you’ll ever spend!

3 Replies to “Have You Seen The New Nude Beauty Blender”

  1. Interesting…they have black, white, pink, red and now a nude one? I guess it’ll never look dirty haha. In Canada these are $28! Cruel life!! xo J

    1. Yes, at least the nude one does the same as the pink. I think that’s why I’m excited about the nude one cuz my pink one be dirty also, lol. Wow it’s more expensive by you.

  2. I just got mine on the mail from Sephora.com. awesome as the pink and black
    Not a fan of the white or red.

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