As A Lupus Warrior Aloe Vera Is My Best Friend During The Summer

It’s that time again of the year when I have to pull out a bottle of Clean + Easy Aloe Vera Gel. The reason for me using it is because of lupus, my skin burn. It’s called Photosensitivity, yes, black people burn to. I say that because my former rheumatologist didn’t think it was possible for how he put it “African American” people can’t burn…smh #ignorant.

Anyway, if I’m outside just for a short time during the summer I start itching, then stinging, then burning like I’m on fire. The only thing that help me when it’s that bad is some assistance getting inside, showering then rubbing my entire body down with Aloe Vera Gel. UV rays are especially intense between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., at higher altitudes, and in or around the snow and the water. Each season my body deal with weather differently. The only season I tend to do well is Spring and the beginning of Fall.

I already had to take two cold showers today to cool my body off because I had to run errands earlier. If you know of anyone that has lupus and is dealing with this same challenge stop by a Sally Beauty Supply  in pick them up a bottle. I promise they would love you for it.


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