Lupus & Lyme Will Not Make Me Miss New York Fashion Week This Year


Last year at this time, I wasn’t healthy enough to work backstage doing makeup at New York Fashion Week. Due to being diagnosed with Lupus, Lyme disease, & RA, I was too weak to even attend events, bloggers lounges, or anything that I had to get out of bed for. This year my body is cooperating with me. I guess it missed Fashion Week as much as I had (…lol). The last few weeks I’ve been shopping my press kit letting everyone know that I’m back and able to resume creating those glamxurious faces. Here are a few pics from past Mercedes Benz Fashion Week of me working backstage doing makeup.

Today I’m at one of my favorite places in Connecticut getting my manicure & pedicure so when I step on that concrete jungle runway I look & feel my best.


To all my autoimmune warriors who’s days don’t looking promising and you’re missing your old life, I promise there’s light at the end of the scary tunnel. You will get your old life back, even if its just a little bit of it. We can conquer our new reality. We can adapt and endure the struggles, embrace and relish the good days, and most of all live, love and laugh ( a glass of wine, a spa day, and a nap  doesn’t hurt either).

Well I going to finish getting pampered. I’ll see you in the beauty pages 😉