Oribe Gives Me Sexy Hair Everytime

Most of you know that makeup brings me happiness, but hair is another obsession for me. When I’m on set, at fashion shows & photo shoots in New York many of the talented hair stylists use Oribe. That’s how I fell in love with Oribe, their signature scent would fill the room like no other. The signature scent Cote d’Azur, will awakens you with hints of citrus-soaked Italian bergamot, pink lemons, white peach, cassis and muguet, balanced with Aomori apples and leafy greens. Cedarwood, white amber and musk lend their soft woody notes, while Cuba’s national flower, la mariposa blanca, creates a sensual and invigorating experience throughout the day.

Two of my New York ladies, my client Zulema Arroyo-Farley, Founder & Executive Director of Artz Cure Sarcoma & Founder/Hair Stylist of  Dry & Dash Mia Orzo luv Oribe hair products just as much as myself. Whenever we are on set together Oribe is always being used. Oribe is a luxury hair products that gives anyone who uses it GREAT HAIR! The genius (Daniel Kaner, Oribe Canales & Tev Finger) behind the brand really understand women. They understand how important hair is to us women. So I treated my hair to everything I was able to put in my hair. The Gold Lust Collection gives the hair so much brilliance and shine, see for yourself.  To me, if you treat your hair to a great piece of jewelry, shoes, & handbag but not luxury hair products then your not complete.

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