Christmas Day Is My Favorite Time Of Year

Another relaxing and enjoyable Christmas with the family. We didn’t have any family members come up to visit. The cold weather & snow is something that keeps them away. It was just us 4 but with all the laughter, music, drinks being poured and food eaten you would have thought we were hosting. My tradition is mimosa and a bake good before we start unwrapping gifts, then we make our way to the living in sit by the fireplace. For Michael and I it always feel like our babies are still babies. We enjoy watching them opening their gifts. I don’t care how old our kids get we luv having them home for the holidays. So I do go all out for them while they are still home. Once they start their own family there is no guarantees that they will continue to celebrate with us. So I’m getting my time in.

Pottery Barn Set Of 4 Appetizer Plates

Of course BGD (Brandy Gomez-Duplessis) has her own personal champagne glass.


My babies; Envy & Jordan

Gomez-Duplessis Family


Daddy thought it was time for an upgrade

My next gift for Envy are classes because she does a great job playing by ear but with a few lessons she could be a rock star. #justsaying

Time to move on to something harder….Jalapeno Margarita


Dinner is ready


Even though I have a fab time with my family, I always have a moment for girlfriend Chiquita SimmsChiquita Simms who I lost on Christmas Day in Atlanta while preparing for a big Christmas event. She passed due to a brain aneurysm, leaving behind a son. I’ll never forget the day I found out, I was home in New York. I never thought I would be able to enjoy Christmas ever again. LOVE YOU CHIQUITA!!!!

Then later in the day when I finally decide to check my texts & emails I see breaking news of George Michael passing on this day. This is why I try to enjoy each in every day stress free & no drama. Because we never know when it’s our last day.

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