Do You Like This Athletic Glam Makeup Look


Whenever my makeup muse Lena from Ridgefield, CT come to see me just know the makeup will be STUNNING! Any makeup look that I give her is going to be flawless. My girl was not having a good day so what do a girl do, come get her makeup done. So, I’m calling this makeup look ATHLETIC GLAM. We make for a great team I luv working with Lena because she allows me to be a makeup artist creating different looks for her even if it’s out of her comfort zone. I have been Lena’s makeup artist for a few years now. We hit it off the first time she hired me to do her makeup.

I always get asked if I really use Jane Iredale mineral makeup. Yes, everything on Lena is from Jane Iredale. It’s not about the makeup it’s about the artists, the brushes, the skincare when trying to get a beautiful look. Come see me and I’ll show you how to achieve a ATHLETIC GLAM makeup look, unless you rather I just do it for you. Well, what are you waiting for. Book me by emailing me at; I offer concierge makeup services not just in Ridgefield but all of Fairfield County and New York.